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Mitch & Tiff are supporting antagonists in the Jurassic Park franchise, serving as the main antagonists of Season 2 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

At first, they pretend to be lost tourists who are willing to help the kids escape from Isla Nublar and return back home to their families, but in truth, they are big-game hunters who enjoy killing dinosaurs and other animals and using them as trophies.

Mitch is voiced by Bradley Whitford (who also played Dean Armitage in Get Out, Eric Gordon in Billy Madison, Steve Hadley in The Cabin in the Woods, Agent Sieve in Infinity Train, and President Gray in The Darkest Minds) and Tiff is voiced by Stephanie Beatriz (who also played Gertie in Ice Age: Collision Course).


Mitch and Tiff first present themselves as tourists who will help the kids escape Isla Nublar and return back home, but they are, in truth, sadistic poachers who just want to murder dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. Mitch himself says that he wants to hunt for dinosaurs to preserve their legacy due to Isla Nublar being sealed off soon.

Individually, Mitch does genuinely admire dinosaurs and like Darius, still being polite after revealing his true colors, is a bit reluctant to hurt the kids and does offer taking them back to their homes. In comparison, Tiff is utterly sadistic, saying that killing Grim did help her calm down, and is perfectly willing to kill the kids, smiling while doing so, and hating children in general. Tiff has no qualms about betraying anyone, including Mitch himself, to save her own skin.



At some point in their lives, they became a married couple due to their love of poaching and collecting trophies. Afterwards, the two began hunting endangered species around the world, just for the sake of it. Eventually, they came to the island of Isla Nublar and started hunting dinosaurs, even hiring a strong man named Hap to be their bodyguard.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

When the two meet the Camp Cretaceous campers, they pretend to be lost ecotourists who are currently stuck on Isla Nublar, but Darius sneaks into their tent and discovers the bust of a Cerotopsian head, after which Mitch threatens him that if he doesn't help him and Tiff find the watering hole, then they'll kill his friends. However, Darius instead takes them to Jurassic World's Main Street after the park's systems are shut down, though they are recovered by the campers under Brooklynn's guidance.

Because of the park systems' recovery, Mitch and Tiff figure that they don't need to use Darius to find the watering hole anymore because their tablet has now received power again, but along the way, they accidentally get themselves stuck inside Toro's old paddock and Tiff gets shocked by the paddock's electric fence. Nevertheless, she shoots Grim to her death as the Baryonyx was about to attack her, which causes Chaos and Limbo to desire revenge on her for killing Grim.

When Mitch and Tiff discover the watering hole, the latter attempts to shoot Blue, but she is stopped by the campers, who cause a stampede in the watering hole to save any remaining dinosaurs there from being shot by the two poachers. As Mitch and Tiff escape, they are chased down by Rexy, but the former is ensnared by one of their own traps. To ensure her own survival, Tiff leaves Mitch behind to die, who is devoured by Rexy in revenge for stickling his cattle prod up her nose, and attempts to escape on their ferry, but she is killed by Chaos and Limbo, thus avenging their fallen companion.


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