Mitch Dolgen is a character of AMC's The Walking Dead that was introduced in Season 4 as a minor villain. He was in Martinez's group and was one of his most trusted allies in, but soon became the second-in-command when the Governor took over.

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In The Show

Before the outbreak, started Mitch was a ice cream truck driver before he joined the army and became a tank operator. When the outbreak occured, he left his post and took his tank with him, joined by his brother Pete.

In "Dead Weight", Mitch, along with Martinez, Pete and a few others, found Phillip and the Chamblers family and invited them into their camp. While on a supply run, Mitch, Pete and Phillip found a survivors camp and Mitch insisted they raid it for supplies, but Pete decided against it. This caused anger in Mitch and Phillip, especially when they find the camp ransacked with all the supplies taken. Mitch expresses his anger when he coldly stabs a surviving man in the head, much to Pete's horror. After Phillip kills Pete, Mitch is visibly horrified but nonetheless allows him to assume control of the group, becoming his second-in-command.

In "Too Far Gone", He takes part in the assault on the prison, manning his tank and firing at many parts of the prison. However, Daryl throws a grenade inside the tank's cannon, causing Mitch to jump out just before it explodes. He then finds Daryl aiming his crossbow at him. Mitch raises his hands and tries to surrender, but Daryl nonetheless shoots him in the chest, killing him.

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