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You want to fight? I'm a man, honey. It's no contest. You have to understand, Slim, and I thought you did - I make the money here, so I set the rules, right? It's my rules. You with me?
~ Mitch abusing his wife, Slim.

Mitchell "Mitch" Hiller is the main antagonist of the 2002 thriller film Enough. He is the abusive husband of protagonist Slim Hiller.

He was portrayed by Billy Campbell.


In Los Angeles, California, a woman named Slim works as a waitress at a dinner with her best friend Ginny. She receives unwelcome romantic advances from Robbie, a customer who teases her about her name. Another customer in the diner was named Mitch Hiller, revealing that the customer had made a bet that he would be able to convince Slim to sleep with him. Soon after, Slim falls in love with and marries Mitch, and they have a child named Gracie (Tessa Allen). Years later, Slim finds out Mitch has been cheating on her with a French woman named Darcelle. She confronts him and he admits it, but also insisting Darcelle means nothing to him. Slim becomes angry and threatens to leave, which enrages Mitch, who becomes violent, slapping and punching her in the face. He gives her a warning, saying that he makes the money and gets to do whatever he likes, implying he wants an open marriage. Mitch refuses to stop his affair unless she wants to fight him. The next day, Slim confides in Mitch's mother; she asks Slim what she did to make Mitch angry, implying that their family has a history of physical abuse. Ginny advises Slim to leave and press charges against Mitch, but Slim does not want to hurt Gracie. She then goes to pick up Gracie from school, only to discover Mitch had already picked her up. Panicked that Mitch might have left town with her, she calls Mitch, who tells her that he took Gracie to the zoo.

That night, during dinner, Mitch further insults Slim for confiding in his mother, while staying civil in front of Gracie. Having had enough, Slim plans her escape with Ginny's help. However, while escaping late at night, Mitch foils her by grabbing her by the hair. He throws her to the ground and begins kicking her in the chest, while Gracie is asleep on the sofa. Slim's friends, waiting outside the house, hear the struggle and break in. Mitch threatens them with a gun, before Phil picks up Gracie to use as a witness while exhorting her to look at her father. Unable to shoot the man with Gracie watching him, Mitch lets Slim escape. Slim retreats to a cheap motel after Mitch has her credit cards frozen. However, they are only there for a short time before Mitch tracks them down. Slim then goes on the run to Seattle, where she briefly stays with her old boyfriend, Joe, before some of Mitch's friends disguised as FBI agents investigating a "kidnapping" appear at Joe's house. She leaves Joe behind and, in need of money, goes to her father, Jupiter, a wealthy philanderer who has never met his daughter before. Slim tells him who she is, but he does not believe her and gives her $12 to go away. Slim leaves, disheartened, and moves with Gracie to Michigan. However, after Jupiter is threatened by Mitch's friends, he realizes that Slim is indeed his child and decides to help, sending them enough money for a house.

Slim buys a house and changes her name to "Erin Ann Shleeter". Although their future looks bright after a visit from Joe, Mitch's friend tracks them down, passing the information on to Mitch. Mitch comes to the area, hiding in Slim's house. As she is going about her morning routine, to her horror, Mitch suddenly appears from the shadows in her hallway, saying he wants Slim back, promising "it will be different". When she refuses, he attacks her, waking Gracie, who runs to help her mother, and jerks on his hair. Mitch flings Gracie to the ground, and Slim retaliates by squirting him with pepper spray. Snatching up Gracie as Mitch rolls on the floor in pain, she is prepared for a fast get-away, having an escape plan. A car chase ensues between Slim and Robbie (revealed earlier as Mitch's "wing man" during the encounter at the diner years before), while Gracie screams in the background. Realizing that Mitch will eventually kill her, Slim goes into hiding in San Francisco, hires a woman who looks like her to keep her cover, and sends Gracie away to Hawaii with Ginny to get her out of harm's way. She prepares herself with a self-defense instructor who teaches her Krav Maga, since self-defense is not murder. He tells her the hardest lesson - if he hits her, hold on to his voice and awaken when he is about to attack or kick her.

She returns to Los Angeles, breaks into Mitch's new home and traps him there, after hiding his guns and blocking the phone connections, so he cannot call the police. When he says he cannot hit her, she asks him why he could do it before when she was defenseless. In the ensuing fight, Mitch keeps taunting Slim that she'll be the one who will lose since she broke into the house and he'll keep Gracie forever, but Slim keeps on throwing his words back, saying that her actions will be ruled as self-defense. Slim uses her new skills to eventually beat Mitch unconscious. She cannot bear to kill him, however, and calls Ginny for help. While she is on the phone, an enraged Mitch hits her from behind with a lamp. Slim puts into practice what she learned in her training, quickly gaining the confidence to kill Mitch once and for all. She beats him to a pulp and weakens him enough that Mitch is unable to fight back anymore, before she finally kicks him in the chest and sends him falling off a balcony to his death. She calls the police, who rule her actions as self-defense, and later, she and Gracie move on to live a happy life in Seattle with Joe, thus destroying all sense of victory Mitch was hoping to gain.