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Officer Tomari, someone like you so loved by coworkers, could never understand! This is human nature. Every single one has a monster lurking within their hearts!
~ Nira revealing his true nature

Mitsuhide Nira (in Japanese: 仁良 光秀, Nira Mitsuhide) is a major antagonist in Kamen Rider Drive. He is a corrupt official of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and secretly the murderer of Eisuke Tomari, who was the late father of Shinnosuke Tomari. Having been the one who concealed the existence of Roidmudes, preventing any chance of stopping the Global Freeze from ever happening, Nira later allies with them in order to cover up his crimes.

He was portrayed by Kisuke Iida.


Nira was the former manager of the First Investigation Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He worked under Soichi Makage, the secretary of the National Bureau of Defense, who was the human identity of Freeze Roidmude.

Initially, he was a mere antagonist who was aggressive towards the idea of Kamen Rider Drive, thus making him a foe to the SIU until Freeze's demise, where Nira seemly became an ally to the team. However, it was later revealed that he was already an ally to the Roidmudes all along, as well as being the real murderer of Eisuke Tomari. Nira later worked together with Brain Roidmude to stop Shinnosuke from exposing his crime.


Murder of Eisuke Tomari

In the past, Nira was the partner of Officer Eisuke Tomari. Jealous of his partner, when the two responded to a bank robbery Nira shot him and framed it on the bank robbers. With the help of Roidmude 001, Nira was able to get away by altering everyone's memories of the incident to remove any evidence of his involvement. To ensure Nira's loyalty to him, 001 kept the gun he had used to shoot Tomari hidden away somewhere.

Freeze Roidmude

In his guise as Soichi Makage, the Freeze Roidmude (001) appointed Nira to oversee the Special Investigation Unit in order to obstruct their efforts to investigate the Roidmudes. After Drive attacked the Brain Roidmude in his human guise of Sou Noumi, Brain was able to frame Drive for attacking an innocent civilian and Nira had Shinnosuke suspended from transforming into Drive. However, after the SIU staged an attack by Chase in his Roidmude form, they were able to get Nira to left the suspension so Shinnosuke could transform into Drive again.

Makage later dismissed Nira, having no more use for him. In retaliation, Nira sided with the Special Investigation Unit in investigating Freeze and helped them locate Freeze's secret base where he was holding his captives. This was all part of Freeze's plan however as his confrontation with Drive and humiliating defeat enabled him to achieve a Super Evolution.

True Nature

After Freeze was defeated however, the effects of his memory alteration began to wear off. Fearing that his role in the murder of Eisuke Tomari would be found out, Nira defected to the Roidmudes and teamed up with Brain to stop Drive. He fused with Roidmude 106 to become the Thief Roidmude and went on a spree of stealing all evidence, including ballistics reports, that could link him to the crime.

The Special Investigation Unit began to grow suspect of Nira and were able to discover his true identity as the Thief Roidmude after giving him a vial containing the antidote for Freeze's powers that secretly had a tracker embedded in it. After the Special Investigation Unit caught Nira talking with Brain, Nira fused with 106 once more to battle Drive, but was forced out of his transformation by Drive. Brain then caused 106 to assume a Berserker state and attack the Riders in order to cover their escape.

At a secret hideout, Brain fused with Nira to become a second Thief Roidmude, seeking to use Nira's jealousy to help him achieve his Super Evolution.


Going on the run, the Thief Roidmude attempted again to eliminate Yukari Karasawa. He was driven away by the Kamen Riders, but not before he infected Yukari with a deadly poison. Nira later returned to the police department and gave a press conference with Brain (as Sou Noumi) where he framed Drive for colluding with the Roidmudes, claiming that all of his actions in fighting the Roidmudes were simply part of a power struggle to take control of them from Freeze. As evidence, Nira presented several cases where the SIU was shown to have ties to the Roidmudes, including Kisaburo Sasamoto being Rinna's ex-lover, Genpachiro's relationship with the fusion host of the Judge Roidmude, Kyu Saijo's friendship with Roidmude 072 and the Unit's alliance with Chase. As a result, the SIU were all locked up except for Shinnosuke, who managed to slip away.

Shinnosuke pursued Nira to the police department, where Nira was able to frame it as Shinnosuke taking him hostage. As the two faced off, Nira pointed at Shinnosuke the gun he had previously used to kill his father and began taunting him over it. He then revealed that he had infected Yukari with a deadly poison that would kill her in 40 minutes, unless Shinnosuke complied and fired his gun so he could frame him for attempted murder. However, using the Banno tablet, Go and Chase were able to cure Yukari of her poison and send a secret message to Shinnosuke letting him know. Hearing this, Shinnosuke fired his gun and missed, and in turn was shot by Nira.


Nira later gave another press conference with Sou Noumi where he stated that Shinnosuke had killed Yukari and taken him hostage, but that after Nira had talked him down the two had exchanged gunfire and he had shot Shinnosuke in self defense. However, it was at that moment that the Special Investigation Unit appeared with Yukari, who confirmed that Nira's narrative was false. Brain then accidentally let it slip that they had been the ones to poison Yukari, leading Nira to fuse with Brain and transform into the Thief Roidmude again to make a final effort to defeat Drive. After being defeated once more, Nira was split from Brain and attempted to re-combine with him. Brain however told Nira he was done using him now that he had achieved a Super Evolution and assumed his Super Evolved form to fight Drive, only to be defeated and have his body destroyed. Nira was then taken into custody by the police, but as he was led away he maniacally expressed that the Roidmudes would be the ones to win against Drive.


Formerly a duty-driven police, Nira eventually became jealous of his former partner, Eisuke Tomari, for the latter's fame preceded the former. This had further influence on his immorality and arrogance after killing Eisuke during a robbery despite having the greatest chance of serving justice.

Nira enjoyed toying with other people's lives and acted as condecendent and bossy to the Special Investigation Unit whenever a Roidmude case reported, portraying a high level of narcissism. As a result of this traits, Makage/Freeze placed Nira to overseer the Unit.

Nira also only cares for his own benefit, allowing Shinnosuke to transform when his life is in "jeopardy" by Proto-Zero and sided with the Unit after being dumped by Freeze. However, in order to conceal his former crimes, he returned to serve the Roidmudes and plotted conspiracy to bring down Shinnosuke once and for all. Overall, Nira is an arrogant, selfish, petty and envious corrupt official, who only focuses on his own benefits and regardless of others. Even Brain Roidmude, who was no less envious and became the partner-of-crime with Nira, was apparently disgusted, calling Nira the worst human and immediately discarding him when he was defeated.


Adios, Kamen Rider.
~ Nira before he seemingly shot Shinnosuke dead
So, Roidmudes or the Kamen Rider... Which side will be the victor? I'm anticipating it!
~ Nira threatening Shinnosuke after his arrest


Mitsuhide Nira

Thief Roidmude


  • His name in general comes from Akechi Mitsuhide, a famous general in the Sengoku period who rebelled against Oda Nobunaga. This is justified with Nira's deception against the Special Investigation Unit.
  • His name 'Mitsuhide Nira' originated from the word 'Niramitsukeru(睨み付ける)', which means 'Glare'.


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