Mitsuki Sarue

Mitsuki Sarue is a villain the anime and light novel Hataraku Maou-sama!/The Devil is a Part-Timer!.

An archangel by the name of Sariel used by the Church of Ente Isla as part of their Execution Inquisition along with Crestia Bell. He had first attacked Emilia in disguise at a convenience store. In order to learn a bit about Satan and Emilia in the human world, he forges the identity of "Mitsuki Sarue" claiming to be the manager of the newly opened Sentucky Fried Chicken franchise in Hatagaya. He eventually teams up with Crestia in order to kill Emilia and Satan. His weapon is a large scythe and possesses a power called the 'Wicked Light of the Fallen' a magic capable of nullifying all sacred powers, as shown when he battles Emilia. During his conflict with Emilia, he demands that she return the sword 'Better Half' to Heaven. This prompts him to take Emilia and Chiho hostage but he is ultimately defeated by Satan. He draws his magic from the Moon, with his power increasing in inverse proportion to his distance from it. He also has a perverted tendency, after he expresses a desire to strip Chiho down in his experiments to learn how she has been influenced by Satan's magic.


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