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Rigby: But you can't punch us! We haven't given up!
Mitsuru: Too bad! It is my show!
~ Shinehara before trying to kill Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson.
You know, we have lots of fun on show, and I may not show it, but I actually hate being fooled. So it have been a great pleasure defending prize by punching liars in face. Let's watch.
~ Shinehara revealing he really kills his contestants.
Nobody's ever won, and nobody ever will.
~ Shinetara before trying to punch the heroes.

Mitsuru Shinehara is the main antagonist of the Regular Show episode "Fool me Twice".

He is the host of a TV show, named Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice, I Punch Your Face, where the contestants have to fool him twice before passing a deadly obstacle course named Baka Blitz. If the contestant is successful, which has never happened, they win a mysterious prize, but if they lose or give up he punches them in the face and kills them.

He was voiced by Andrew Kishino.


He appears for the first time when Mordecai and Rigby watch the show in the park house, with a man named Clive as the contestant who gives up after falling in wasabi. Shinehara then punches him in the face, which is later mentioned to have killed him.

Later Annoucer Bot states that for the first time the show is looking for American contestants; the first person to call the show after the announcement will get the part. Mordecai and Rigby dial the number and are transported to the set along with Benson Dunwoody. There, Shinehara thinks that the attempts from Benson to get out was Benson fooling him, making that them go to the Baka Blitz. As Benson is afraid of the possibility of be punched on the face, Mordecai and Rigby try to calm him, saying that nobody really gets hurt; only for Shinehara revealing that he actually hates being fooled and really punches the contestants, with every contestant either dying or being disfigured forever. Announcer Bot then forces them into the Baka Blitz.

Nevertheless Benson passes most of the obstacles surprisingly well, and Mordecai and Rigby don't give up, mainly because Benson urges them; making Shinehara's fist grow to giant size because he hasn't punched anyone yet. When they reach the final obstacle, a pit of lava with swinging overhead boulders, Shinehara attacks them while concealing something under his cape, revealed to be his gigantic fist. He screams at them that he's going to punch them even though they haven't given up because it's his show. They distract him by telling him that Mount Fuji has appeared behind him before shoving him over the edge. Thus being fooled three times, Shinehara punches himself in the face before being burned in the lava.

Later, the Annoucer Bot destroys itself for allowing someone to win the prize.


  • Mitsuru possibly has superhuman strength, because he killed almost all of the contestants by punching them in face.
  • After Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson win, the Annoucer Bot says "Gomen'nasai Shinehara-senpai." what translates "I'm sorry master Shinehara.", possibly meaning that Annoucer Bot designed the Baka Blitz for Shinehara, with the intention of nobody winning it.
  • Mitsuru has at least eight mortal victims, seven who appear in a montage of him punching liars, and Clive, the contestant who appears when the episode starts (The man who get deformed doesn't appear in the montage).
  • Mitsuru can be considered a hypocrite, because although he hated liars, he can be considered a liar for attempting to punch Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson although they haven't given up.
  • Mitsuru is evidently not very bright, as literally anything can fool him ("Look! It's Mount Fuji!").


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