I think it's important to make families matter. We must cut taxes and improve our borders.
~ Mittens 2.0 at the presidential debate.
I'm Mittens two-point-zero, unscratchable.
~ Mittens 2.0 in episode 10

Mittens 2.0 is the secondary antagonist of the YouTube series, Politicats. He is a robot built by the Fancy Feast Council to run for president.

He is a parody of the 2012 Republican candidate for president, Mitt Romney.


Prior to debating Black Cat, Mittens 2.0 put out several ads telling people to vote for him and advocating for a more conservative society.

Mittens 2.0 later debated Black Cat, with what he said being controlled by Wonky. However, Wonky presses a button that causes Mittens's rockets to activate and make him fly through the roof, causing the Fancy Feast Council to lose him.

Mittens at some point came under the control of the mysterious Cat Painting and began building more of himself in a factory.

While the Fancy Feast Council prepared to leave Earth in wake of the Martian invasion, the Mittens army flew around attacking and terrorizing people. However, Wonky appears with his Wizard friend, who throws his sign up in the and transforms it into a boombox. The boombox sends out soundwaves that deactivate many of the Mittens 2.0 robots.

The rest of the Mittens 2.0 robots fly into the Martian ships and cause them to blow up, destroying both the Mittens and the Martian invasion force.


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