Don't stop me! After I write your name, I'll write mine and die!
~ Miura to Taro Kagami.

Miura is the main antagonist of the non-canon pilot chapter of the popular manga series Death Note. He is a young boy who seeks revenge on those who bully him and anyone who stands in the way of that revenge.


When the Shinigami Ryuk came to the Human World, he dropped two Death Notes one was found by Taro Kagami, and the other was found by Miura. He keeps his Death Note at home, not really knowing what to think of it.

The next day, he finds out that two of the students that bullied him, A-rou Suzuki and B-rou Tanaka, have died of heart attacks. He is glad for this, but is questioned by detectives. However, he is not suspected.

However, a few days later, the bullies come back to life and return to school. The detectives attempt to question the revived students, but Miura is upset at their returns and kills them, the detectives, and three other bullies with heart attacks by writing their names in his Death Note.

A few days later, Miura is confronted in his home by his classmate Taro Kagami, the owner of the other Death Note and the one who had killed, then brought back the bullies. Miura panics and attempts to write Taro and his names in the Death Note, getting rid of the only one who knew the truth and taking his own life. However, Taro stops him and manages to talk him out of his plans. He uses the Death Eraser, a tool that can revive those killed by the Death Note, to erase the names of the detectives and bring them back to life.

Taro and Miura go to the police station and come clean about Miura's killings, and Taro even allows himself to be killed and brought back to demonstrate the Death Note and Death Eraser's effects and to prove they are real. Miura has his Death Note confiscated and burned, but is let free. He apologizes to Taro and goes off. It is unknown what became of him.


Miura is delusional and insecure, and seeks to get revenge on those who have wronged him. He is even willing to go so far as to kill innocent detectives just doing their job for fear of them discovering his secret. He is, however, a tragic figure, as his being bullied is what drove him to such extremes, and he is even ready to take his own life to end it.



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