Mizar is an antagonist in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2. He is one of the seven Septentriones.


Mizar takes the form of a large purple blob, with its "face" being a black three-leaf clover. Its tentacles that grow off the main body are made up of long chains of smaller duplicates of the main body.


Mizar's special ability is replication, which occurs everytime a team defeats Mizar's arm, or damages a clone that has grown. If any clone is defeated in a single skirmish, then the clones will not replicate. When each clone grows bigger, it becomes stronger and gains more resistances. However, each clone is always weak to fire or neutral to Curse-type attacks. Using skills like Assassinate or Petra Eyes will ease the battle as it makes the leader of any clone teams easier to defeat, averting any replication that may take place.

When the Mizar clones are first encountered, the one positioned in the corner will immediately begin growing. Defeating that takes top priority as the other clone teams will not do the same for the next few turns. If a clone team successfully grows, keep out of its range of 4 and use move-enhancing demons to quickly close the gap once you're ready to attack it.

When battling Mizar on the tower, it is important to know that taking too long in battle will result in a game over. Mizar's arms must each be destroyed three times in order to win. The first two defeats will result in replication, however the third battle will result in a complete defeat. Like always, Fire-type attacks will work well against it, but Curse-type moves can also be helpful.

If the skill "Null Phys" and/or "Judgement" was obtained in a previous fight, it is highly recommended that you equip those to the attacking team. Mizar and its clones will only use Phys-type moves with the exception of its arm which will learn "Petra Eyes " in the players third attempt to destroy it. Therefore, "Null Phys" will prevent any damage to the leader. "Judgement" effectively cuts the target's health in half, so it may make the battle easier when used for the first attack.

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