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Mizuchi is a minor villain in Okamiden which is the sequel of Okami.


Mizuchi is an ice dragon. His entire body is unknown since he's encased in a block of ice, and all is seen is the head. He has drak grey skin, red eyes, and three purple frills on his neck.


Mizuchi's Past

Mizuchi was a guardian of a sea-side village. When the village was destroyed, he became a servent to Orochi, and eventually gave up on humanity.

Mizuchi was the guardian of the Mystic Amber in the ice cave. When Chibi, and Manpuku got deeper in the cave, that came across Mizuchi. Mizuchi processed to fight Chibi and Manpuku. He fights with an frost breath and cannons. After he gets stunned by Chibi, an icicle appears above Mizuchi. Chibi then uses a slash on the icicle and stabs Mizuchi. Chibi then places his partner Manpuku into a cannon and blasts him into Mizuchi. They do this several times until Mizuchi is dead.

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