Show me your courage. Give me your heart. After this, there is no turning back. You are bound to me, and I to you. Rivers of blood, and mountains of corpses will not stand in our way. Nor the tears of widows. Find your envy and hatred. And I will give you all you desire.
~ Mizuki to Lord Kira.

Mizuki is one of the 2 main villains of the 2013 film 47 Ronin alongside Lord Kira.

She was portrayed by Rinko Kikuchi.

47 Ronin

Ahead of the arrival of Shogun (Japanese Emperor) Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, the village of Ako is visited by his master of ceremonies, Lord Kira, who becomes attracted to Mika, the shogun's daughter. He arranges a fight between his best soldier, the Lovecraftian Samurai, and one of Oishi's men, Yasuno, who is later found under the spell of Kira's adviser, the witch Mizuki.

Later that night, Mizuki bewitches Lord Asano (Master of the Ronin) into believing Kira is raping Mika, causing Asano to attack an unarmed Kira, an offense punishable by death. As a result, Asano commits seppuku (suicide), brands Oishi and his men "Ronins" and Kira is made lord.

As the Ronin plan to kill Kira during his wedding with Mika, the group is ambushed by Kira's forces, led by Mizuki and the Lovecraftian Samurai. Several of the Ronin are killed, and Mizuki, believing to have slaughtered them all, takes Oishi's sword and presents it to Lord Kira as a trophy. Mizuki later taunts Mika with her death and attempts to manipulate Mika into killing herself.

The group is again are attacked by Mizuki, who takes the form of a giant serpent, but is slain by Kai.

Powers and Abilities

Mizuki proved herself to be the most powerful adversary the titular Ronin groups ever faced, as she was so powerful that made Lord Kira, whom had greater plan than her, looked pale in comparison. She can levitate and fly at will, skillful in manipulating element of fire to incinerate her enemies, creating spiders with hallucinogenic venom out of a person's blood under the said person's consent, mystically enhanced superhuman attributes, and ability to shapeshifting at will where she can transform into a fox or huge furred, dragon-like flying serpent whom jaws can chew a full-grown man whole.

Her serpent form is arguably her trump card as Mizuki's bodily tissues in this form become harder that conventional weapons at that time merely bounce off her skin, and possesses formidable resistance against mystical weapons including swords forged by Tengu. She still able to perform her pyrokinesis ability in this form, and inhumanly strong, agile, and fast, capable to quickly inflict considerable damage on her enemies with her fangs and fiery blasts.


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