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You and me. Now.
~ Modeus requesting the player's company.
They always say that... and then they try to run away. I'll have to break your knees just in case.
~ Modeus if she grows suspicious towards the Helltaker.

Modeus is a minor antagonist in Helltaker. The female demon that the titular Helltaker encountered on the second stage to obtain his demon harem, Modeus herself is a demon who befitted her moniker as The Lustful Demon due to her hobby seducing and luring several men to her side and has no hesitation to break someone's bones just to get what her wants.


Modeus herself appears as a demon with white shoulder-length hair and a red eye with hearts on the center. She is also a rather well-endowed lady, fitting because she is a lustful demon who is seemingly sex-crazed with other men. Despite her moniker as a lustful demon, instead of a skimpy clothing that she wore, she wears a modest businesswomen suit just like what Pandemonica wears. However, unlike Pandemonica, a red turtleneck suit was tucked inside of the businesswoman suit and Modeus also has little black horns and a black tail much like other devils.


Befitting her moniker as the Lust Demon, Modeus herself is depicted as a lustful woman that tries to seduce several men in her side in order to have intimate relationships together by engaging in proper harem activities, as shown when she encounters the Helltaker. At the same time however, Modeus can turn into a bit of a serial killer if other men behave suspiciously towards her to the point she has no hesitation to use a sledgehammer to break people's knees.

Modeus can also be a low-key sadist as she attempts to see the Helltaker suffer if he decides to make a new harem in Hell, and can also be considered as a hypocrite as she says that romantic comedies are unbelievably kinky despite the fact that she has the moniker of the lustful demon herself. Despite this, Modeus does have a positive side such as her cordial friendship with Azazel, to the point Modeus also gives her useful device on loving someone as she says moderation is important and hanging around together after joining the Helltaker's harem. In addition, after developing an interest in romantic novels, she also contemplates if she had doing several things wrongs and also has a hobby on listening to lewd music.


Modeus appears in the second stage of the game. When encountering the Helltaker for the first time, she then demands the two have an intimate relationship together in Hell. If the Helltaker agrees on the spot, she suspects him as a lot of her previous victims said the same thing to her. As a result, Modeus attempts to break his knees via a sledgehammer in order to prevent him from escaping her grasp.

However, if the Helltaker tells Modeus he "is busy gathering girls", at first she belittles him due to her determination to obtain a demon harem by calling him a poor fool, as he would ripped to shreds by his own demon harem according to her. However, she decides to join it since she wants to see it happen.

Much like Pandemonica from the previous stage, Modeus mostly plays a minor role in the next stages although she also gives the Helltaker a bit of a bad advice to skip all the puzzles and engaging in proper Harem activites, prompting Pandemonica to stop her a bit and apologize for her behavior due to the demon's lust for sinning that runs in their blood. Around Stage 7, Modeus also seemingly built a cordial relationship with the angel, Azazel, as she shared her warped view of "Loving someone" by saying that moderation is important as things can get violent which would result in people dying if they loved their loved ones too much.

When the Helltaker has a hard time sabotaging the sin machine implemented by Judgement, Modeus mostly mumbles about how she should have kept the Helltaker by herself. However, towards the end of the game, as the hero and his brand new companions that he made in Hell successfully return home, Modeus mostly spends her time reading a romantic comedy while saying it is a kinkiest thing that she ever saw. Despite this, thanks to the book, she also contemplates if she had been doing things wrong all along. When she is asked by the Helltaker to go on a date together, Modeus became embarrassed and calls him a degenerate for his question.

In the comics, she spends her time doing mundane stuff such as hearing lewd music which made Azazel intrigued. However, during Helltaker's time at the abyss, she then attempts to lure the Hellepizza deliveryman inside the house and claiming that she won't test some experimental love potions towards him as she is already past the experimental phase. Only for Judgement to punish her alongside the Cerberus twins by tying them with a chain in the sofa.

When Modeus wears an athletic outfit, Azazel assumes that she will go into the gym only to be revealed that she wants to emulate the adult contents that she saw via internet as Azazel reminds her that those scenarios won't happen in real life. Become surprised and embarrassed at the same time, Modeus claims that Azazel was lying about it because she already watched those videos despite Azazel says that the people who did the scenarios were played by actors.

When she spotted Justice wearing a sexy police-officer outfit, Modeus was seemingly puzzled by it and asks if she will arrest someone in which Justice replied with yes. At the same time, Modeus also apologize to Justice about the adult videos she had told to her were revealed to be played by actors. In spite of this, Justice is fine with it as according to her, even though there are no porn without actors, they ended up pretending to be actors to entertain themselves by impersonating themselves as a police and tried to find someone who will play along with their scenario which resulted on Modeus participated on her scheme. Despite this, they were then arrested 15 minutes later for police impersonation.



  • Modeus' name comes from Asmodeus, the chief demon of the sin of lust which reflects her characterization as a demon obsessed with seducing them and making them her company.
  • Modeus' design was originally far more skimpy and based off a cheap porn-star, wearing a unbuttoned shirt, drooping sleeves, and lacking her jacket. Following one of Vanripper's friends critiquing the design as looking too tacky, he changed the design to her current "cupcake" design.
  • Modeus' original name was supposed to be Sodomy, and her title The Love-Starved Demon. VanRipper changed this before releasing the pre-alpha to the testers, beliving it to be too sexual.

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