I hear him! I'm talking! His insubordination is lethal! Paralyzing! It threatens the Empire! And you do nothing!
~ Moff Broysc demonstrates his hatred for Captain Malavai Quinn and his insanity

Moff Broysc was a male Human Moff in the Sith Empire. He had a reputation for being mentally unstable and an incompetent commander.


Malavai Quinn served under Broysc at the Battle of Druckenwell. During the battle, Broysc made a critical mistake that nearly cost the Empire the battle. Quinn ignored the order and instead secured a victory. Despite the victory, Broysc was infuriated at Quinn's disobedience. After taking credit for the victory, he had Quinn court-martialed and reassigned to Balmorra, where Quinn suffered as a Lieutenant and began working for the Sith Lord, Darth Baras. Broysc prevented every promotion and transmission since.

Eventually, after Quinn was promoted back to Captain and assigned to work for Baras' apprentice, the future Emperor's Wrath, he related his story to the Sith.

Quinn later saved a Major named Ovech, who also served under Broysc. Like Quinn, Ovech was not afraid to express his opinion, and thus Broysc set up Ovech to die. After the rescue, the Sith was contacted by Moff Broysc. The man seemed completely demented.

Broysc was convinced that Quinn's actual rank and name was Admiral Malcontent. Broysc also blamed Quinn for failures that had no connection to him at all. These included the Battle of Talay, Broysc's first command before Quinn was born; and for the Jedi Bastila Shan escaping Taris before the bombardment, which was 300 years ago. He also accused Quinn of sabotaging the Glory Space Station, but Quinn had no knowledge of that.

Quinn decided that the Empire cannot survive as long as Broysc is in command. However, because no one in High Command is willing to confront Broysc, Quinn decides to have him eliminated. Quinn captured the Moff and brought him to the future Wrath's ship. By then, Broysc had become completely insane. He attempted to order the Sith Lord's crew to kill one another. Having had enough, Quinn decided to kill Broysc personally.

After Broysc's death, the entire Imperial Military was relieved and Broysc was replaced by someone presumably more sane and competent.

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