The pain of my twin will echo within you.
~ Mogg the Other Twin.

Mogg the Other Twin is a major antagonist in the video game Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor. He is a brutish orc Warchief who is the twin brother of Brogg the Twin.

He was voiced by Nolan North who also voiced Black Hand of Sauron and Zog the Eternal in the same series.


Ratbag takes Brogg's place as the Warchief's bodyguard, Mogg is angered and has Ratbag hung up in a fort of Udun to be food for the crows and to be tortured daily by his soldiers.

As always, Ratbag is saved by Talion. Talion then kills Mogg's berserkers to get his attention and to draw him out. An angered Mogg attacks Talion. After a tough battle, Mogg kneels down in defeat. He speaks his last words, before being executed.

Ratbag checks his body to ensure his death. After taking Mogg’s ear as proof of his death, Ratbag becomes Warchief.


Like his brother, Mogg is a force to be reckoned with. He has little tolerance and often gets angered easily.

However, he is an intelligent thinker and expert battle planner. When his twin is killed, he gets revenge on Talion and Ratbag to kill them so he can avenge his brother, but his arrogance leads to his own death at the hands of the ranger.


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