What up, fellas! Man, I wanna kill y'all right now! Hahaha! But I'mma kill ya later! Definitely gonna kill you mofos later! Hahaha!
~ Mohawk

Mohawk is a supporting antagonist of the 2017 film Transformers: The Last Knight. He is a Decepticon footsoldier who transforms into a confederate motorcycle. Despite his loyalty, Megatron seems to fail of acknowledging it, most likely due to Mohawk's talkative nature.

He was voiced by Reno Wilson.


Mohawk was the first Decepticon opted to work with Megatron. The T.R.F. fulfilled Megatron's request by releasing Mohawk out of custody, with him taunting them with death. He later joined with the other Decepticons on their hunt for Cade Yeager.

They were met resistance with Bumblebee, Drift, and Crosshairs. During the fight, Mohawk somehow managed to wandered off from the battle. Unfortunately, he was left behind from his comrades and was later blasted by Bumblebee. Despite this, his decapitated head survived and continued to bemoan his situation. 



  • Mohawk has several dinner forks chained to his right arm (as well as a single spoon).
  • Seeing as how he has a pair of spray-paint cans duct-taped to his left breastplate, one can imply that Mohawk was incarcerated for committing some level of vandalism involving graffiti.
  • It may be possible that Mohawk's head was destroyed offscreen by Bumblebee.


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