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Molded (モールデッド Mōrudeddo), are the hostile-species creatures from the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard video-game. The creatures are created of Mold, which is a hyper-evolved fungus, made by E-001.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The regular Molded's got three ways of attacking, which are: swinging, biting and jump attacks. Swinging are the lowest attacks which barley create any damage. Biting creates medium damage. While the jump attack makes the most damage, as Molded roars from anger.

If Molded gets knocked down, he would quickly get up. Molded is also capable of creating the counter-attacks which depend on the protagonist's actions. Molded's can trigger the counter-attacks if Ethan aims at them for a very long time.

If the protagonist makes them flinch or sprint near them. The first counter-attacks can be dodged, while the sprint counter is rapidly fast and impossible to actually dodge.

Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour

The Molded appear in the basement of the Dulvey House. Molded's will spawn automatically by walking to the Attic Window Key, or by pointing onto the grave with the Dummy Hand. When a lot of damage is made towards the Molded's, lights will activate and Molded will disappear from the video-game.

If the protagonist avoids being attacked by Molded by using the Attic Key, the protagonist will finish the game with the True Ending. While getting hurt by Molded, the protagonist will become infected and it will lead the protagonist to the Infected Ending of the video-game.


Fat Molded

The Fat Molded are obsessed and stronger of the regular Moldeds. These Fat Molded's attack the protagonist by releasing acid. As expected the Fat Molded's are strongest but the slowest. The Fat Molded's are noted in the barn. If the protagonist shoots them, the Fat Molded would instantly start attacking by vomiting. When Fat Molded is in the middle of vomiting, the protagonist gets the chance to attack the Molded.If the Molded is chasing the creature, shooting it in the legs will reduce its mobility.



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