And although I have stolen your material goods, let me assure you that your dear town has stolen my heart.
~ Molloy

Molloy, aka The Springfield Cat Burglar, is a villain who appeared in The Simpsons episode Homer the Vigilante. He was voiced by Sam Neill.


One night, as the Simpson family sleeps, they are robbed by a mysterious cat burglar, who leaves them a visiting card. Ned Flanders comments that he was robbed too, and they realize it's a crime wave.

As the police department seems unable to do anything about these crimes, the citizens organize a vigilante group led by Homer, intended to capture the burglar. One day, while Homer is being interviewed by Kent Brockman, they receive a phone call by Molloy himself, saying that he plans on stealing the world's largest cubic zirconia from the Springfield museum. Homer and his group arrange a 24-hour guard at the museum to prevent this from happening, but the cat successfully steals the precious gem when Homer gets drunk during his shift.

Finally, Molloy is captured with Grampa Simpson's help and returns the stolen goods, after which he is taken to jail. There, he tricks Homer and the cops into searching for his accumulated loot, which was supposedly buried under a giant T. More people join the treasure hunt, but since there are lots of possible spots, they come back for more specific directions, and leave again after receiving them. Moments later the cat escapes, as revealed by the only thing found at the excavation: his farewell letter.

His card

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