Molly is the antagonist of the 2004 animated short Lorenzo.


Molly is a magical black cat with a stubby tail and long pointed ears.


Molly first appears walking down the sidewalk next to Lorenzo's resturant. Lorenzo makes fun of her for her short tail and gloats about his long fluffy one. Molly gets mad and places a curse on Lorenzo's long tail that brings it to life and then she disappears in smoke. The tail constantly dances with Lorenzo much to his dismay. Lorenzo tries many methods to kill it and make it inanimate again, such as drowning it, having it run over by a train, and electrocuting it, However these all fail miserably. Molly then reappears with a knife, tempting him to cut it off. Lorenzo is hesitant at first to take that sacrifice, but he just can't take it no more so he takes the knife and get into a fight with his tail. The tail grabs it and tries kill him After hiding behind a door, Lorenzo is able to grab the knife and finally cut it off. Molly, Lorenzo, and his tail happily reappear and take their bows.

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