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You two! You kept me in the attic for two years! Eating rats and spiders! I will burn your skin and eat your flesh!
~ Moloch to Skid and Pump in "Spooky Month: Unwanted Guest".

Moloch is a major antagonist of the Spooky Month webseries by Sr. Pelo. Originally prank-called into the mortal realm using an Ouija board by Skid and Pump, he grows to resent them after they forget to let him out of the attic for two years. He escapes the attic by possessing an exterminator Lila hired and goes on a rampage, but accidentally kills himself after getting tricked by Pump.

He is voiced by Sr. Pelo himself.


Moloch's first appearance was in "It's Spooky Month", in which he is summoned by Skid and Pump in Skid's attic, who tell him that it's the Spooky Month, causing him to start dancing. However, in the true ending on Newgrounds, he overhears Lila telling the two kids that the month was actually November, to which Santa Claus suddenly appears and starts elbowing Moloch in the face while saying "Ho-ho-ho!"

Moloch's brief second appearance was in "Spooky Month: The Stars", in which he appears, stuck at the attic stairway, asking Skid to let him out. Skid declines, telling him that he can't since it's Spooky Month and walks off, which causes Moloch to say that Skid also said that last month.

Moloch's latest appearance was in "Spooky Month: Unwanted Guest" as the main antagonist. His constant slamming of his fists onto the roof annoys Lila, and she assumes that the cause of the noise is a rat and calls an exterminator. However, Moloch possesses the exterminator and attacks Lila, who attempts to fend him off with a ruler but fails. When Skid and Pump arrive home, they see Moloch hovering in spot while grabbing Lila, who tells them to run. Moloch notices them and angrily floats towards them, talking about how they kept him in the attic for two years, where he could only eat rats and spiders, threatening to burn their skin and feast on their flesh.

Skid doesn't recognize Moloch as the exterminator he is possessing is wearing a yellow suit, while Moloch is normally red. Pump, however, recognizes him, and tells him to spin his head around as only real demons can do that. Moloch agrees, saying he will kill them later but snaps his neck, presumably killing him.


Moloch is not particularly evil and has shown to be somewhat childish, seeming very excited when he hears that it is Spooky Month and disappointed when he realizes it is November. However, he is shown to resort to very drastic measures to get what he wants and vents his anger on others, shown by how he keeps slamming his fists onto the floor in anger and chases after Lila in "Unwanted Guest".


Moloch in his normal resembles a stereotypical Western demon, with a muscular physique, red skin, glowing yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and four horns, two on both sides of his head and two smaller ones on the top of his head. His entire lower body seems to be the Ouija board he was summoned from.

When possessing Dexter the Exterminator, he appears like Dexter but he has a more muscular build, glowing eyes, claws, and horns just like in his original form. The filter on Dexter's hazmat mask also seems to now be his mouth, with it being a hole with teeth surrounding it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Moloch was seen pounding on the attic floor in "Spooky Month: Unwanted Guest" and creating rather loud noises.
  • Possession: Moloch possesses Dexter the Exterminator in "Spooky Month: Unwanted Guest" and seems to be able to completely control him.
  • Flight: When possessing Dexter, Moloch was capable of flying around in Lila's house with ease, turning corners relatively fast and being able to stay airborne for the entire time.
  • Pyrokinesis (Implied): Moloch tells Skid and Pump that he will burn their skin and feast on their flesh, implying that he has control over fire.


  • Binding: It is shown that Moloch is bound to the Ouija board he was summoned from, leaving him unable to climb downstairs or escape the attic.
  • Physical limits (Possessing Dexter): When Moloch possessed Dexter, it seems that he is now bound by regular human limits, such as not being able to spin his head around without snapping his neck.


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