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Edgar Jacobi, better known as Moloch the Mystic, is a costumed criminal in Watchmen, who is retired at the time of the main story. He was one of the few "supervillains" in the realistic world of Watchmen, and the longest active, being around from the 1940's all the way to the 1970s. His crimes included robbery, prostitution and drug dealing, kidnapping the governor of New Jersey in 1964, hijacking the Queen Elizabeth II liner in 1972, and bombing the New York Stock Exchange in 1977. Moloch's main enemies were Dr. Manhattan and the Comedian in particular.



By 1985, Moloch had grown weary of a life of crime, retired, and found religion in his old age. After noticing that Jacobi visited Edward Blake's grave and left flowers there after the funeral, Rorschach confronted him in his apartment, suspecting him of killing the Comedian. Jacobi denied the accusations, saying that he had terminal cancer and wanted to be left alone. He did reveal, however, that a hysterical and rambling Comedian had visited him shortly before his death, saying something about a horrible conspiracy and an island.

Later, Rorschach visited Moloch's house again, only to find him dead with a bullet in his head. Rorschach was framed for Jacobi's murder and arrested. In reality, he had been killed by Adrian Veidt, who had also given him his cancer as part of his plan to frame Dr. Manhattan. The Comedian knew of this when he visited him, and thus also knew that Moloch was not in on the conspiracy.


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