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Molt Sol Augustus is the emperor and supreme ruler of the Roman-like civilization known as the Empire. He is one of the major antagonists in the anime and manga series "Gate: Thus the JSDF fought there!", whose main goal was to increase its power and influence by conquering other nations and expanding the Empire.

Molt is known to have three children, Crown Prince Zorzal Caesar, Crown Prince Diabo, and Princess Piña.

Not much is known about his reign over the Empire, before finding and discovering a mysterious interdimensional portal known simply as the "Gate", located on the Alnus Hill which for the Empire is a sacred and religious place.


Molt is an elderly man with light blonde hair and a beard, and sharp blue eyes. He also wears an ornament on his head that resembles a crown and noble clothes when in public.


Molt Sol Augustus shows a very cold and manipulative attitude (being known at the same time for his stoic, extremely intelligent and calculating demeanor).

He, much like the rest of the emperors who ruled the Empire, is a very authoritarian, ruthless and extremely determined person, who has always been inclined to take whatever he wants through acts of war, territorial expansion or the aggression of allied kingdoms.

Despite this, Molt holds the health of his nation to heart, and he believes that only a constant territorial expansion is really capable of keeping the Empire prosperous and rich.

Moreover, despite being a military strategist, he is shown to lack insight and wisdom, clinging to the traditions of the past where he implemented a scorched earth policy to deny JSDF resources, unaware that they had a single point of supply to Alnus, which all JSDF staff returned at the end of each day.


In order to increase his influence and power, Emperor Molt ordered a large number of auxiliary cohorts of monsters and legionary soldiers of the Imperial Army, to cross the "Gate" and conquer any country or nation on the other side of the mysterious portal.

Unfortunately for the Imperial Army, they arrived in the modern Tokyo, where, during the invasion, they managed to cause only a few hundred human casualties, by killing hundreds of Japanese civilians and members of the police force, until they were eventually destroyed by the more advanced military power of the JSDF (Japan-Self-Defense-Forces). Thus forcing the remaining troops of the Imperial Army to retreat back through the portal.

A few months after that event, Japan launched a counter-attack, by sending several battalions of armed soldiers, tanks and armored vehicles to cross over the Gate and to establish a base on Alnus Hill, so that they could gain complete control over the Gate.

After hearing about this fact, Molt ordered an army of one hundred thousand soldiers of the vassal states, to attack the JSDF base that have been located on the Alnus Hills.

Just like the invasion of Tokyo, the JSDF managed to easily destroy the army forces that have been sent by Molt.

After the massive losses suffered by the Imperial Army against the modern military power of the JSDF, Molt stopped trying to attack Japan or the JSDF, knowing now that he had no chance of defeating them.

Molt, now knowing that he could not defeat Japan by using the Empire's army or military force, he decided to try to defeat the JSDF by implementing a scorched earth policy in order to limit their resources and their access to them.

Unfortunately for him, this plan also failed, since JSDF's only supply point was Alnus and he wasn't aware about this.

After that, Molt finally stopped trying to do anything in order to conquer Japan and accepted his defeat.

He even began to support the peace negotiations and agreements with Japan, which were organized and supported by his daughter Princess Piña, to save the Empire from being completely destroyed.

After a while, Molt staged a parade with the huge dragon's head called the Flame Dragon, which terrorized his kingdom until it was finally destroyed by JSDF and their allies, beginning to see Japan as a perfect ally.

But at the end of the event, he drank poisoned wine, which made him faint and go into a severe coma. This posioning being planned by his son Zorzal and his sex slave Tyuule.

After that, Zorzal launched a coup d'etat and took over the leadership of the Empire, putting his father Molt, his sister Piña and all the senators and representatives who were on the side of the peace negotiations with Japan, in jail or house-arrest.

However, they were immediately rescued by the JSDF, and after Molt awoke from his coma, he made Piña the new leader of the Empire and decided to help her in the Imperial Civil War, in order to stop Zorzal from destroying the Empire during the war with Japan.


  • Molt show some similarities with Tywin Lannister.
  • Augustus was the Name of the first Roman Emperor and later the title of the ruling Emperor (the successor was called Caesar).
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