Aha! Just as I suspected! My evil arch-nemesis, Mom-Lady!
~ Stupendous Man
Great Zok! She's fixed her mind-scrambling eyeball ray on me! I'm suddenly filled with the desire to go back upstairs and do her nefarious bidding!
~ Possessed Stupendous Man
Uh oh, it's my arch-nemesis, Mom-Lady! She can't discover my secret identity!
~ Stupendous Man

Mom-Lady is an archenemy of Stupendous Man, an alter ego of Calvin. She is actually an alter ego of Calvin's mother.

Her first evil plan is to "establish a totalitarian system of rule". Stupendous Man quickly comes to stop her and save the world, but is defeated right on the stairs when she grabs him and takes him back to his bedroom. Stupendous Man is forced to go to bed and even gets a goodnight kiss from here, much to his anger and abashment.

Another time, she tells Stupendous Man to clean up his room. He refuses and tries to fight her, but fails totally when she uses "her mind-scrambling eyeball ray", forcing him to go upstairs to "do her nefarious bidding".

Mom-Lady uses her mind-scrambling eyeball ray on Stupendous Man

In another comics strips, Calvin has to read three pages of boring homework. When Stupendous Man sees it, he must stop this tyranny. He flies to the observatory telescope, unscrews the giant lens and uses it and solar energy to burn Calvin's school down. Unfortunately, when he returns to Calvin's bedroom, he hears evil Mom-Lady coming to the room. Stupendous Man quickly hides in the closet to change back into Calvin, so Mom-Lady won't discover his secret identity. However, his cape is caught in Calvin's zipper. Meanwhile, Mom-Lady opens the closet, only to find Calvin who wears only underpants. While Mom-Lady waits for another excuse, Calvin asks her hungrily for more privacy.


  • She is the only one of Stupendous Man's arch-nemeses who appeared more than once.


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