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Jojo Stardust 2

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~ Mom

Isaac's Mother, also known as simply Mom, is the main antagonist and the final boss of the video-game The Binding of Isaac and one of the three main antagonists and final bosses of it's remake The Binding of Isaac Rebirth alongside Satan and Delirium. She is the mother of Isaac and is the central force of evil within the game.

Once a caring individual Mom went insane at some point and began to hear God speaking to her, telling her Isaac was evil and corrupt - Mom proceeded to deny Isaac basic rights and abused him horribly, locking him in his room, removing his clothes and denying him almost any form of nourishment or love.

Mom's madness then reached a climax when she became convinced God had ordered her to kill Isaac as a sign of her devotion and she prepared to make her son a sacrifice, despite being a despicable and evil woman Mom continually praised God and believed she was doing her Lord's work.

Mom also manifests in Isaac's nightmare world as a horrific demon that acts as the final monster he must encounter in the original game, having a massive array of powers and being depicted as a mindless killer. She is also implied to be grotesque in appearance, as many of the items focused around her (Mom's Bra, Mom's Pad, Mom's Contact, etc.) all cause enemies to become petrified.

Isaac's Mother also returns in the expansions, in different incarnations - namely her monstrous Heart, though the expansions do change her role and she is no longer the "final boss" of the actual game. Through implications within the true ending of the Wrath of The Lamb DLC, it is shown that Mom was once married, though her husband, at some point, left, leaving Isaac with her.


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