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Empires have risen and fallen since my birth, great ages of the galaxy have passed…but here I stand.
~ Momin on the state of things.
The dark side does not serve us. We serve the dark side. If we glorify it through our acts and our work and our art, it gives us power. It gives us life. Even life eternal.
~ Momin, to Darth Vader.

Darth Momin, born simply as Momin, is a major antagonist in the epic space opera franchise Star Wars, appearing as the final antagonist of the 2017-2018 comic series Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith and as a posthumous antagonist in the 2015 comic miniseries Star Wars: Lando.

Darth Momin was an ancient Sith Lord and sculptor. Unlike other Sith, he aspired to make his legacy through his creations. His ideas seized him until a Sith named Shaa went to rescue him. The other Sith, however, considered their ideas heretical and suppressed them from history. By the time of the Age of the Empire, all his works were believed lost. Darth Sidious, the ruler of the Galactic Empire, possessed a ship that contained numerous Sith artifacts. Korin Pers, an antiquarian expert, told Lando Calrissian that he believed artifacts were created by Lord Momin.


At a young age, his ideas and aspirations got him imprisoned by those who despised his work. A Sith lady named Shaa freed him, making her apprentice and teaching him the dark side of the Force. However, feeling he was second to none, Momin killed Shaa and began to exploring the lore of the dark side on his own. He eventually built a superweapon capable of destroying an entire city, but his deepest desire was to freeze people in time during their moment of terror. When the Jedi appeared to prevent Momin’s plan, he lost control of the energy he wielded and his physical body was destroyed - there was only a mask with a sealed Sith consciousness inside.

Many years later, Darth Sidious removed the mask of Momin from the storage of the Jedi Archive. Having learned the history of the Sith from the mask, Sidious gave it to Darth Vader as a gift for his journey to Mustafar, where Vader intended to build his own personal fortress. Upon arrival on the planet, subjugating the mind of Lieutenant Roggo, the mask killed the imperial architect, Colonel Alva Brenne. When Vader decided to inspect the mask, Momin told him about his past. Vader then allowed it to possess a Mustafarian and grant Momin's consciousness a body. Vader discussed a creation Momin had designed, and agreed to let him build it for him.

Using imperial resources provided by Vader, Momin began to design structures in the place of concentration of the dark side. While the first eight fortresses were destroyed by the incredibly harsh natural conditions of the planet, the ninth project was successful. Shortly after the fortress was finally completed, Vader was distracted by the invasion of the Mustafarian army. Momin undermined him and opened the door to the dark side. He used it to resurrect his physical body and soon again collided with Vader. Momin then confronted him and, after a short duel, Vader used the Force to ram him with a rock. Momin was crushed against the wall and died yet again, only this time, Momin's spirit was eliminated as well, though his power remained in his helmet. Vader afterwards gave the mask back to his master, and probably disposed of Momin's body and head.

Years later, Momin's mask appeared on a imperial yacht. During the ship's infiltration, the mask corrupted two infiltrators, forcing Lando Calrissian and the others to abandon and destroy the Imperials, probably destroying the mask of Lord Momin for good.

Sometime after Momin was killed by Vader in Fortress Vader, the death of Momin's spirit created a Dark Side Force nexus that surrounded the cave, thus creating visions that could haunt visitors. In 4 ABY, Ren and the Knights of Ren were assigned by Crimson Dawn leader Qi'ra to steal the Screaming Keys from Fortress Vader, upon arriving at the cave located below the castle, the Force nexus created a vision in which Momin's severed head was lying on the ground, and the eyes of the mask started to glow, terrified, Knight of Ren Bazzra shot at the illusion, causing the vision to disintegrate to ash. Ren told Bazzra that many dead things will be around given that it's a Sith castle. He told her not to be concerned about the things that are dead, but about the things that are alive. It is unknown if the nexus ever dissolved or not.

Powers and Abilities

I learned much from her, about the Force, and its dark side.
~ Momin, on his training with Shaa.

Although Momin was a skilled sculptor, his work terrified others, which led him to his imprisonment. Momin created unconventional ways to use the Force, which were never repeated in the future. Lady Shaa contributed greatly to Momin's mastery, in which he studied before killing her during a lightsaber duel. After that, he continued his studies on his own and learned many secrets of the dark side, which allowed him to create a super weapon. After Momin's death, his spirit was trapped inside the mask, but could subjugate the mind of other people. During the battle against Darth Vader, Momin showed the highest level of lightsaber possession - he managed to chop off Vader's arm and disarm him. However, Momin underestimated Vader's ability to handle the Force, which cost him his life.


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