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Mon*Star is the main antagonist of the animated series SilverHawks. The quintillionaire alien Mob Boss who escaped from his cell on Penal Planet 10 during the pilot.

He was voiced by the late Earl Hammond, who also played Prince Paul in The Secret of Anastasia.




He is ill-tempered, egotistical, greedy and very cruel. He loves causing chaos and destruction with no other reason except his own amusement. Mon*Star yearns for revenge against Commander Stargazer for arresting him before the start of the series and it did not take him long to develop an unrelenting hatred for the rest of the Silverhaks; especially Quicksilver.

Powers and Abilities

Mon*Star is cunning strategist and capable leader able to command his the Mob and the orchestrate impressive crimes with excellent proficiency.

He also very wealthy and has considerable resources.

Utilizing beams from Limbo's Moonstar and the use of his Transformation Chamber, Mon*Star's body becomes encased on spiked armor-plating as he recites "Moonstar of Limbo, give me the might, the muscle, the menace, of MON*STAR!".

In this form his strength increases dramatically and allows him to shoot an array of energy beams. The jets in his elbows allows his to fly at short distances and his armor is capable taking serious hits with little to no damage.

Sky Runner

A giant "space-squid"  with armor that serve's as Mon*Star's mode of transportation.



  • Mon*Star appears in all but two episodes (Episodes number 15 and 45) where Hardware and the Bounty Hunter are the villains respectively.
  • His transfomation sequnce is very similar to Mumm-Ra from Thudercats.
    • Both characters were voiced by Earl Hammond
  • He Makes a cameo in Thudercats 2011

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