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When Monaca talks, everyone freezes... When Monaca smiles, everyone stops smiling... For Monaca, the outsider, the eyesore, to survive in that house, she did what she had to do.
~ Monaca Towa in Ultra Despair Girls

Monaca Towa is the main antagonist of Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls and a major antagonist in the Hope's Peak Academy Saga. She is the actual leader of the Warriors of Hope. Amongst the Warriors of Hope she has the rank of "Mage", also creating a robotic bear called "Kurokuma".



Monaca has short green hair and eyes. In her hair she wears a red ribbon with a bow. She wears a knee-length black dress. She uses an electric wheelchair due to her incapacitated legs. Later in the story it is revealed that she can actually walk and was only faking her incapability to walk. When she's out the wheelchair the back of her dress has showed to have a decal of a pelvis and spine. She also wears white shoes with black knee highs.


Monaca appears to be a cheerful, kind, caring, charming and empathetic person. However, it is shown that she is actually an amoral, deranged, sociopath and master manipulator. By being extremely polite and respectful, cutesy and by the fact that others pity her for her being in a wheelchair, she is able to easily manipulate the other Warriors of Hope, even resorting to sexual extortion to do so. She is very intelligent for her age and is specialized in robotics.

She idolized Junko Enoshima seeing her as a big sister and an example. She dedicates her life to be more like Junko and continiue her reign of despair.








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