I am Mondu the Fat, lord of the Fight Palaces. Remember, only in victory will you gain the key to the soul of each fighter. Prepare to fight.
~ Mondu the Fat
So you have a lot of money now. After the next fight you can buy a really nice funeral for yourself.
~ Mondu the Fat
Poor player. You were bound to get beaten. You should have listened to my warnings. Take this body to the doctor.
~ Mondu the Fat

Mondu the Fat is the titular villain from Tongue of the Fatman / Mondu's Fight Palace / Slaughter Sport.


Hailing from Glurst, Mondu began his fighting career early in life, becoming a master of the fighting pits. With the greatest winning record in the history, he moved on to tougher pits before creating his own. As the master of the biggest fighting palace in the galaxy, Mondu watches as warriors from all corners of the galaxy come to his lair for a chance to make money and fame, and perhaps a shot at challenging Mondu himself over the title of greatest champion. However, only death awaits those who fail.

Mondu is a celluloid, a species of extra terrestrial that resemble large, obese human men though with large faces on their torsos. His only form of clothing is a mawashi, a loincloth worn by sumo wrestlers. He is well known in the fighting pits for his Tongue Lash attack, such that his tongue is insured for over one million. Mondu has only three losses on his fighting record, one against Stump, who he would later beat in what is considered the best match ever.