The "avaricious, duplicitous, larcenous ursine" as described by Bentley the Yeti

Moneybags is a greedy bear and minor villain in the Spyro series. He first appears in Ripto's Rage, where he charges Spyro a "small fee" of gems in order to progress through the game. He charges these fees for anything, from learning to swim to opening a bridge, and they are usually otrageous. In Year of the Dragon, he is more villainous when it is revealed that he and The Sorceress made a deal to hold her enemies ransom so Spyro could pay a "small fee" for their release. Although still infatuated with gems, he seemed to have reformed in Shadow Legacy, having started a family and and opened shops.


Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

Moneybags owns a castle in Summer Forest, Autumn Plains and Winter Tundra, until each had been usurped by Ripto. He wishes to lay claim to the gems Spyro collects, and is seen at many plot-crucial points in the game. After Ripto's defeat, Elora forces Moneybags to reimburse Spyro by handing over all the gems he collected, to which he strongly objects.


Glimmer: 100 gems to open the bridge

Summer Forest Home:

  • 500 gems to learn to swim
  • 400 gems to unlock Aquaria Towers

Aquaria Towers: 100 gems to ride the shark submarine

Autumn Plains Home:

  • 400 gems to unlock Zephyr
  • 500 gems to learn to climb
  • 400 gems to unlock the bridge to Shady Oasis
  • 100 gems to unlock Icy Speedway

He was also dealing weapons to both sides in the war between Breeze Harbor and Zephyr.

Crystal Glacier: 200 gems to open the bridge

Magma Cone: 200 gems to activate the elevator

Winter Tundra Home: (Ripto persuades Moneybags to sell him bombs)

  • 1000 gems to learn to headbash
  • 200 gems to unlock Canyon Speedway

Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon

Moneybags returns with more evil intentions. He has worked out a deal with the Sorceress to hold her enemies (Shiela, Sgt. Byrd, Bentley and Agent 9) captive and ransom them to Spyro for outrageous fees. Following the Sorceress' first defeat, he plans to sell one of the dragon eggs in Avalar for some quick cash, only to be intercepted by an infuriated Spyro. After an exhausting chase, Moneybags resolves to retire as a haiku poet in Spooky Swamp.


Sunrise Spring Home: 300 gems to free Sheila

Cloud Spires: 200 gems to activate the bellows

Molten Crater: (after being bribed by egg thieves) charges a fee to open their hideout

Midday Garden Home: 700 gems to free Sgt. Byrd

Icy Peak: gems to watch figure skater

Spooky Swamp: gems to open door

Evening Lake Home: 1000 gems to free Bentley

Frozen Altars: 800 gems to play cat hockey

Charmed Ridge: gems to raise the steps (the cat wizards went back on their word and lowered them again)

Midnight Mountain Home: 1300 gems to free Agent 9

Desert Ruins: gems to get the password for the door (which is "gullible")

Crystal Island: gems to open the bridge (he claims he's a magician as well)

Enter the Dragonfly

Unlike the previous two games, he only appears once in the Dragonfly Dojo. He has apparently gone through with his plan to become a haiku poet, and mentions that the shine of gems are an inspiration for his poetry.

Shadow Legacy

Moneybags is arguably redeemed in Shadow Legacy, and has started a family and is considerably friendlier. His wife and four sons share his obsession with gems. Instead of charging Spyro fees at various points in the game, he has opened a proper business and has his sons sell goods to Spyro.

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