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Monique Deveraux was a major antagonist of the first season of The Originals and was a witch.

Monique Deveraux

She was a Harvest Witch who was ruthless, cunning, wicked and rather treacherous as she killed her own aunt, Sophie Deveraux, just for the sake of the Witch Coven.

She was the best friend of the witch, Davina Claire.

Along with the fellow witch leader, Genevieve, Monique kidnapped Hayley when she was giving birth and slit her throat when the child was born, but Hayley was resurrected as a hybrid.

Along with Klaus and Elijah, Hayley hunted down the witches but had to battle the ancestral witches. When Genevieve was wounded, Monique was about to stab Hope but was killed by a redeemed Marcel.

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