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Monkevil is a villain in the 2013 Teletoon animated series Rocket Monkeys.

In episode 6, Gus and Wally are assigned a mission by Dr. Chimpsky to escort Monkevil to Alfatraz 8. However, while doing so, Gus and Wally fight over Monkevil after getting distracted by her beauty, allowing her to seduce Gus and Wally into helping her in her bank heists. Monkevil tricks Gus and Wally into capturing YAY-OK in an attempt to prove their innocence by capturing Monkevil. Monkevil is then captured after Gus and Wally crash into her scooter, landing her into the police.

In the next episode, Monkevil is assigned to Gus' and Wally's ship after Gus and Wally secretly released her from jail. Upon arrival, Monkevil succeeds in her training. However, YAY-OK and Inky, who are suspicious of Monkevil, try to convince Gus and Wally about Monkevil being bad, thinking Monkevil is not above betraying Gus and Wally. After being removed from Gus' and Wally's ship, she becomes a supervillain again.

In a short, Monkevil successfully robs a bank when Gus and Wally leave a vault unguarded after getting bored of guarding it.


  • Monkevil's name is a portmanteau of "monkey" and "evil".

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