The Monkey King is a villain who appears in the animated TV series The Jackie Chan Adventures.  

He was voiced by Billy West of Futurama fame and of Crank Yankers.

He is a prankster, showoff, and overall causer of mayhem, dubbing himself the "King of Comedy".

He first appears as a puppet, but when brought to life, he stands about six feet tall and has a shaggy mane of hair.

He is also a sorcerer, conducting spells through a wooden staff, but his magic is mainly used for comic value. (Whether or not anyone else finds it funny is not a priority to him.) Usually, he wears a green shirt with yellow trim, but he changes costumes to fit the mood.

His origins are unknown, but in his introductory episode, his revival turns Jackie into a puppet, and when Jade asks for a way to set Jackie free, Monkey King replies, "One of us would have to be stuck in Dollsville, and I ain't never goin' back!".


He first appeared in "I'll Be A Monkey's Puppet", when Jackie bought a monkey puppet for Jade to use in her upcoming ventriloquism act. Looking more closely at it, he saw a rhyme on the back that read, "To free me of glitches and put you in stitches, this merry ape begs: Pull my leg." Doing so, he transformed into a puppet, and the doll became a real monkey. Monkey King runs out and causes havoc on the town, and Jade and Jackie (animated by the Rat talisman) attempt to stop him. They only succeed when Uncle swallows his pride and gets a book with information about the Monkey King from a rival antiques dealer, who was the one who sold the doll to Jackie. Jade is able to trick the Monkey King into pulling Jackie's leg, and when he does, the magic reverses, restoring Jackie to human form and the Monkey King to doll form.


Monkey King is known to be a prankster and joker, cracking numerous amounts of jokes/puns even in the midst of battle. His sense of humor can be quite dark at times but he is never usually serious. He is also known to hold grudges evidenced by the fact that he went to get revenge on Jackie and Jade after being released from his puppet form a second time. He enjoys being admired by the crowd but he can be jealous whenever the spotlight is taken away from him. Like the Enforcers he appears to be a nuisance but he can also be a threat at times.


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