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Villain Overview

I am the god of this new world... and the headmaster of the Ultimate Academy! The one, the only... Monokuma!
~ Monokuma
Every human has regrets, has things they'd like to go back and change. But I don't! 'Cause I'm a bear.
~ Monokuma
Listen. From this moment on, this school is your home, your life, your world. Got it? And you can kill as much as you wanna kill! So go ahead, go on a kill-kill-killing spree!
~ Monokuma

Monokuma, also known as Monobear or The Headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy, is the central antagonist of the Danganronpa franchise.

He is a strange teddy bear that initiates a life of mutual killing amongst the students. He is both the most recurring antagonist and the mascot of the entire Danganronpa franchise, appearing in almost every installment of the Danganronpa main series.

In the Japanese version, he was formerly voiced by Nobuyo Ōyama and is currently voiced by Tarako, with the former also did the voice of Doraemon in the long-running Doraemon series. In the English dubbed version, he was voiced by Brian Beacock in the games and by Greg Ayres in the anime.


Monokuma appears in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and its sequel Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. He is a model of an animatronic bear used as an avatar to interact with the students by the mastermind. There are seemingly infinite copies of Monokuma, and he seems to have the ability to teleport. He is Usami's "brother" who had adopted her and later renamed her as "Monomi". He was created by Monaca Towa as a part of a series of large killing machines for Junko. He returns in Danganronpa 3 and Danganronpa V3 as the main villain, in the former of which a computer virus is using him as an avatar while the latter was used by an obsessive fangirl of the original mastermind who wanted to recreate the killing game.


Monokuma's entire face and body splits equally down the center into two sides. It resembles the Yin-Yang symbol of which there is a balance between two opposites in a way similar to a "flow". On some occasions, Monokuma would show his humorous side in regular conversation, but would turn to his sadistic side at any other time, unless he's asleep where he will give life advice to random and ridiculous props.

His left side is white in color and has the classic teddy bear expression. His right side shows a more sinister look, being black in color with a red slash for an eye with a camera visible within and an evil, stretched grin. Although he is entirely split into two opposite sides, the only parts of Monokuma that are unaffected by the split is his muzzle and belly area, which both remain white. He also has a large and obvious belly button on the lower part of his belly. His bulging navel has an X mark on it.


Monokuma has amassed a number of victims throughout the franchise. Names in bold are deceased.

  • Jin Kirigiri: Executed so that Monokuma could usurp his position as headmaster.
  • Mukuro Ikusaba (disguised as Junko Enoshima): Executed under the pretext of violating the "no violence against Monokuma" clause.
  • Leon Kuwata: Executed for being found guilty of Sayaka Maizono's murder. (Although before Sayaka was murdered, she originally planned to killed Leon and frame it on Makoto Naegi).
  • Mondo Owada: Executed for being found guilty of Chihiro Fujisaki's murder. (But he only did it out of envy).
  • Celestia Ludenberg: Executed for being found guilty of Kiyotaka Ishimaru and Hifumi Yamada's murders. (But she did it only for her dream).
  • Alter Ego: Executed for hacking into Monokuma's systems.
  • Makoto Naegi: Executed for being framed and found guilty of Mukuro Ikusaba's murder, but he survived the execution. (In a non-canon ending, Kyoko Kirigiri is executed instead.)
  • Teruteru Hanamura: Executed for being found guilty of "Byakuya Togami"'s murder. (In reality, both Teruteru and "Byakuya Togami" are still alive.)
  • Peko Pekoyama: Executed for being found guilty of Mahiru Koizumi's murder. (In reality, both Peko and Mahiru are still alive.)
  • Akane Owari and Nekomaru Nidai: Twice attempted to execute Akane for violating the "no violence against Monokuma" clause, but Nekomaru shielded her from both attacks.
  • Mikan Tsumiki: Executed for being found guilty of Ibuki Mioda and Hiyoko Saionji's murders. (In reality, all three are still alive.)
  • Gundham Tanaka: Executed for being found guilty of Nekomaru Nidai's murder. (In reality, both Gundham and Nekomaru are still alive.)
  • Chiaki Nanami: Executed for being found guilty of Nagito Komaeda's murder. (In reality, Nagito is still alive. But Chiaki was already dead in "Despair Arc")
  • Kaede Akamatsu: Murdered for nosiness and staged to appear as an execution for Rantaro Amami's murder.
  • Kirumi Tojo: Executed for being found guilty of Ryoma Hoshi's murder.
  • Korekiyo Shinguji: Executed for being found guilty of Angie Yonaga and Tenko Chabashira's murders.
  • Gonta Gokuhara: Executed for being found guilty of Miu Iruma's murder.
  • Kaito Momota: Executed for Kokichi Oma's death, but succumbed to his illness before it was completed.

Although Monokuma wasn't directly involved in the Final Killing Game, the following victims were executed in his name:

  • Himself: Executed in a pre-recorded video insert for laughing.
  • Daisaku Bandai: Executed for witnessing violence by another player of the game.
  • Sonosuke Izayoi: Executed for putting food into his mouth.
  • Koichi Kizakura: Executed for opening his left hand.
  • Kyoko Kirigiri: Executed for allowing Makoto Naegi to survive the fourth time limit, but she survived the execution.


Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

How dare you compare me to a child's plaything! You've cut me deep. Deeper than the Mariana Trench... My remote control system is so complex, even the folks at NASA can't recreate or even comprehend it! Ah, but don't make me say stuff that might destroy NASA's dreams. I just couldn't BEAR that! Now, ah, make no mistake—you few students, so full of potential, represent the hope of the world. And to protect such splendid hope... will all live a communal life together solely within the confines of this school. Everyone will live in harmony together, and adhere to the rules and regulations of the school. I am not screwing with you! I am no liar, of that can be 100% sure. No matter how much you may yell and scream for will not come. So with all of that in mind, feel free to live out your life here with reckless abandon!
~ Monokuma yelling at Mondo Owada after the latter compared him to a stuffed animal.
Rules restrict, yes, but they also protect. Society, for example, would be utter chaos without laws. The same thing applies here! Which is why it's crucial we have strict punishments in place for violators. Please enjoy your abundantly dreary school life! And...see ya!
~ Monokuma explaining the rules.
You're supposed to be the Ultimate Lucky Student, right? But looks like you're not lucky at all!
~ Monokuma mocking Makoto Naegi.
Ahem, so...I'm sure that you've noticed the killing game has begun, but... ...there's still room for a little laughter. It seems our newest students, already so filled with despair, still have some hope of escape! Puhuhu... So when will it begin? When will their hope begin to die? Is it time yet? Is it time!? Heartpounding excitement!
~ Monokuma taunting the students.
The police? You're putting your faith in the police!? You guys, seriously... Do you understand what role the police exist to fill? All they're good for is being a foil, playing against a villain or anti-hero or evil organization. The bad guys come along and destroy them, and that shows just how badass they really are. Are you sure you wanna rely on such an unreliable group of losers? I mean come on! If you really, REALLY wanna get out of here, all you gotta do is kill!
~ Monokuma mocking the students for having faith that the police will save them.
Now I am painfully aware of the great power and meaning of a promise... I really wanted to keep a corpse from popping up for no good reason, ya know? But I guess you all needed to be taught a lesson, after all. Ahh, what an amazing promise! But now you guys understand, right? Now you see just how serious I am... Defy me and you get shot full of holes, exploded, buried alive, cetera. So if you don't want that to happen to you, you' best obey those school regulations!
~ Monokuma threatening the students into following his rules.
"I'd feel awful if they got left out just because they died. Friendship penetrates even death's barrier!
~ Monokuma talking about death portraits.
Boy howdy! The entertainment industry must sure be terrifying, huh!? I mean, to try and kill someone just because of those relationships! She seemed so nice and lovely on the outside, but inside...she'd descended into pure madness!
~ Monokuma mocking Sayaka Maizono resorting to murder out of desperation to escape the killing game.
No more begging! No more excuses! You must pay the penalty for breaking the rules! Society demands it! Well hey, if you don't like it... ...all you gotta do is swear to cut all ties with the outside world and accept living here forever! But that's only if every single one of you can get onboard with that. Puhuhuhu... Waahahahaha! Bwaaahahaha!
~ Monokuma before executing Leon Kuwata.
As long as you're alive, it's a given that there's things you don't want other people to know about you! So I did a little investigating of my own, and I dug up some of your darkest secrets!
~ Monokuma revealing the "Embarrassing Memories and Shameful Secrets" motive.
Look at him! You see? You're all just like him! For a secret from the past, for a memory... For that, he killed living human in cold blood! He couldn't cut free of his regrets from the outside world. He doesn't know what true strength is. Do you see hope anywhere in there!? Cuz I sure don't!
~ Monokuma mocking Mondo for the guilt he felt over his brother's death.
Someone couldn't cut free of their regrets from the outside world, and so more people had to die... You guys are still young! You need to place more value on your lives! Jeez... And here I thought you guys were gonna pass the torch of hope to the next generation!
~ Monokuma expressing his disapproval towards the students for continuing to murder one another rather than surviving to continue and give others hope.
I'm not filthy! I didn't do anything. Did I falsify evidence? Did I affect the outcome of the Class Trial? The case played out between you and you alone. You were the ones jerking each other around. Heck, even if the will *had* factored in, it still woulda been between you guys. So what's the problem!? This is all part of the production process! Okay, and...scene! Cut! And isn't it just so unfortunate? Killing yourself is just so final, ya know? You can never hear the rest of their story. The truth is lost in darkness. Gives me the willies...!
~ Monokuma denying the others' disgust towards him for forging a fake suicide note and passing it off as Sakura Ogami's.
Why would a bear pretend to be dead? You're the ones who should pretend to be dead when you see a bear! I mean, that's totally laughable! It's make me laugh! I'm gonna laugh now! A-ha-ha-ha! And that's that. Well, it's almost time to cut off your past so full of hope, and begin to despair at the future ahead of you! I want you to all have way more fun in this killing game!
~ Monokuma laughing at the students for assuming he had pretended to be dead.
Everything has a meaning, you know... All those hints I gave you, all those tantalizing tidbits about the school's mysteries... Even me luring you here right now... Why would I do any of that without a reason? It was all for my captive audience—to show them true despair like they'd never seen it before! I became the director of a despair-based production! This is the ultimate reality show! The best in despair entertainment!
~ Monokuma revealing the audience watching the Class 78 killing game.
For anything that has a start, there has to be an end. And if the end comes, then that means it's time for a fresh start. There is no night that doesn't have a dawn... Although that dawn is totally pitch-black! There is no storm that won't eventually end... Of course, then that leads to drought! But as I said, every end is the promise of a new beginning. Which is why I'm sure we'll get to meet again. Because the end is only the beginning! Anyway, let's get started! The beginning of the end of the Class Trial!
~ Monokuma declaring the beginning of the 6th and final class trial.
Did you really think the story would end once we reached the climax of the case? Wrong! There's still plenty more to go!
~ Monokuma revealing that the students' plight won't be over after the death of Junko Enoshima and end of the final class trial.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Surge... O gods who dwell between light and darkness... In accordance with our contract, I summon thee now... Come forth, Monobeasts!
~ Monokuma summoning the Monobeasts.
Huh? Didn't you learn when you were in elementary school? If you badmouth someone... The teacher writes it in a note, and makes whoever you badmouthed read it to you in front of the class... When that happens, only then do you think about how it feels to be badmouthed. The same applies to murder.
~ Monokuma attempting to justify his murder of Teruteru Hanamura.
Why do I have to burn my precious calories just to save some yakuza scum!?
~ Monokuma scoffing at Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu after the latter was severly injured trying to stop Peko Pekoyama's execution.
I're both pawns of the Future Foundation. So you guys are like two hearts beating as one, right?
~ Monokuma to Chiaki and Monomi.
What's wrong with that? If it's my job to heat things up, it's okay if I do something small like that, right? I mean...I want to make everyone in your group feel despair! That includes you, too! Besides...I just wouldn't be able to handle the sadness when you inevitably betray me later on...
~ Monokuma to Nagito Komaeda.
After all, a mystery that can be solved is destined to be solved in the end. However, he also prepared a mystery that couldn't be solved. As you solve mysteries and bolster your hope, a huge mystery comes along and slaps you in your faces... For those of you who believe there are no unsolvable mysteries, that is when you finally taste despair... Meaning, he used all of the prior Class Trial verdicts to prepare this trick. Not all mysteries can be solved. Puhuhu, such a devious trick he played on you! As expected of Nagito.
~ Monokuma monologuing about Nagito's planned suicide to have the remaining students, excluding Chiaki, executed.
Humans who are obsessed with their philosophy have an uncanny power to attract others... It's a trait shared by many famous leaders throughout history, right? There's nothing strange about it. That...holds true for Lady Junko. With her charismatic ability to attract people, she even influenced those in the highest echelons of power... Her connections were the main reason that incident became The Tragedy in the first place! For Junko Enoshima, despair isn't purpose, a set of principles, a way of life, or an instinct... Despair is what defines Junko Enoshima as Junko Enoshima. I'm a stuffed plushie. Hajime is a human. It's exactly like that... Junko Enoshima is full of so much despair that she's truly hopeless. Living, dying, eating, loving... For her, everything is despair. With her overwhelming force of personality, Junko recruited the Ultimate Despairs one by one... She controlled their despair by taking advantage of their love, hate, grudges, anything really. Junko's despair is far more dreadful than any other. That idea had been slammed right into their minds. And so, the Ultimate Despairs who had been recruited became nothing more than Junko's limbs. All despair, whether it was their own or anyone else's, was dedicated to Junko Enoshima. Like believers making offerings to their god... Like a mother providing food to her children... They dedicated all despair so they could escape from despair all in Junko Enoshima's name. For example... They killed their families and friends, and even destroyed their bodies through relentless mutilation. And to hopelessly top it off... They completely believed it was something that they *had* to do.
~ Monokuma talking about Junko.
Your refusal to accept your mutual memory loss is why you can't notice all the important parts... You've lost your memories. End of story. You guys are avatars who had their memories taken from them.
~ Monokuma revealing to the students that they were memory-wiped prior to the killing game.
Don't get all mushy towards a game character!
~ Monokuma mocking the students for their emotional attachments to Chiaki.
Wh-Who is he...? Simply put, he's Makoto Naegi, who's known for being a cutie-patootie!
~ Monokuma introducing "Makoto" to the students.
This over...? No no no...I'm gonna let you finish yet... There's no way this can end before I've been transformed. A transformation is customary in a final boss battle, right? You know like that one role-playing game. You know what game I'm talking about. Final...
~ Monokuma's shock upon the killing game being shut down.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School

As long as there's despair in people's hearts, Monokuma will always come back!
~ Monokuma announcing his return.
If it happened twice, it'll happen three times.
~ Monokuma describing the killing games and how the fact that two already occured means a third one will inevitably happen.
We're about to begin a killing game that will determine the fate of humanity! The last and greatest, battle between hope and despair!
~ Monokuma describing the final killing game.
Because...this battle is the conclusion of your history and mine.
~ Monokuma's final words in the pre-recording of himself he took before the final killing game started.

Danagnronpa V3: Killing Harmony

It never gets old! It's so fun and entertaining that I just get un-BEAR-ably pumped up!
~ Monokuma in the prologue of Killing harmony, referring to the killing school semester.
Hey, I know human life is precious. I'm not a monster, y'know. Cuz if human life wasn't precious, ending it wouldn't be nearly as much fun!
~ Monokuma attempting to justify his murder of Kaede.
I am the ruler of this world. Nothing is beyond my power.
~ Monokuma's god complex.
Because death is unfair. All deaths are unfair deaths. Why do you think news stations get such high ratings when they're reporting about death? Because...everyone likes unfair deaths.
~ Monokuma explaining how bloodier deaths earn higher ratings.
Well, yelling for help is useless for fictional characters anyway. It makes the viewers even more depraved and obsessed when they feel sorry for you. They watch, knowing that they shouldn't, just to revel in the depravity of it all. That depravity is the appeal of death games. It's the appeal of this very killing game... It's the appeal of Danganronpa itself.
~ Monokuma explaining to the remaining students that the depravity of the killing games is what makes them appeal to the outside world.
What a half-assed ending. This is no way to end Danganronpa.
~ Monokuma disappointed with the note that the long-running Danganronpa show is ending on.


  • The namesake of Monokuma ("bear person/thing") is a play on words towards his black and white color (monochrome).
  • Monokuma bears many similarities to John Kramer/Billy the Puppet from the Saw series.
    • They both act as the avatars to the masterminds behind games that revolve around people being captured into situations that involve violence and killing.
    • They both have color schemes that consist of black, white, and red.
    • They both are known for giving their victims limited time for survival before eventually killing them themselves (although Billy tends to be more genuine about doing so than Monokuma).
    • They both make use of elaborate traps meant to inflict grisly, ironic deaths on their victims. With Monokuma's being the executions he performs once a student is found guilty while Billy on the other hand doesn't outright kill his victims but rather throws them into deadly tests to see who will die and who will survive.
  • Monokuma’s birthday is October 19, which, according to the Japanese calendar, is the "month of the Gods". Which matches Monokuma's belief of him being the master of the game.
    • The number 9 on the other hand, represents bad luck in Japan and means "Pain". Fitting Monokuma's love of causing such emotion.
  • Kazutaka Kodaka's favorite character to write in the Danganronpa series is Monokuma because of how simple he is to write due to his status as the games' general major antagonist.
  • Monokuma possesses the ability to teleport in many parts of the academy, something that is only shared by him with Monomi the Monokubs.
  • The creation Monokuma's final design was what solidified the game's dark and humorous tone as well as the series' now iconic art style as a whole.
  • His design was partially inspired by 3-D models of the human body with one half of the body showcasing it's bones and organs as opposed to the other half which was simply skin.
  • It took 5 minutes for Monokuma's final design to be completed, as opposed to many of the other characters from the first game who's took much longer to finish.


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