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Just imagine all the blood and gore... makes me wanna puke...
~ Monophanie
Rise and shine ursine! With our powers combined, we are the Monokubs!
~ The Monokubs when they show up the first time to the students.

Template:Quote So long, bear well! The Monokuma Kubs, also known as the Monokubs, and the Children of Monokuma, are a group of five child-like robots that claim to be the children of the malicious robotic bear, Monokuma and the secondary antagonists in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

In Japanese, all of them were voiced by Kōichi Yamadera. In English, Monokid was voiced by Patrick Seitz, Monosuke was voiced by Brian Beacock, Monodam was voiced by Jason Wishnov, Monophanie was voiced by Natalie Hoover, and Monotaro was voiced by Sean Chiplock.


The Monokubs first show up riding their mechs called Exisals. When all the students are in the gym, the Monokubs jump out of their Exisals and introduce themselves as the "Monokubs", and The Monokubs removed certain memories from the students, such as their talents and parts of their past, and then use a Flashback Light to restore the students' talents and some of their memories.

After the students finished introducing themselves their talents, the Monokuma Kubs make an announcement to meet later in the gym again to tell them about the Killing School Semester. At some point, Monokuma appears out of the gym and the Monokubs are very happy to see their "dad".


  • The Monokuma Kubs are the shortest characters in the entire Danganronpa franchise, standing at forty centimeters in heigh.
  • In general, most of the Monokuma Kubs were fairly disliked by Danganronpa fans for being a group of annoying characters and weaker substitutes to Monomi/Usami. Nevertheless, Monodam received much warmer reception than its siblings for not being as chatty and overreacting as them, killing Monokid (the least popular Monokuma Kub) for his abuse, and having much more logical points during Chapter 6's early debate.


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