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Monsieur D'Arque is the main antagonist of Liz Braswell's 2016 novel As Old as Time, a "what if …?" of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast in which one imagines what would have happened if Belle's mother cursed the Beast. He is therefore based on the film's supporting antagonist of the same name.


This novel expands greatly on D'Arque's background. Flashbacks reveal that his first name is Frederique and that he was close friends with Maurice and Alaric Potts - Mrs. Potts' husband and the stable-master of the Prince's castle- when he was younger. However, Frederique already harboured a subtle distrust of magical beings despite the fact that he possessed a minor magical ability himself in the form of the ability to see brief glimpses of the future, prompting him to agree with the king and queen's plans to drive magic out. When he learns that Alaric was smuggling out suspected magical beings, he stabbed his old friend in the chest and buried him in the stables, and captures the Enchantress - revealed to be Belle's mother, Rosalind - after she casts the curse. Other people he arrests over the years include LeFou's aunt, whose apparent magical ability was merely the ability to create exceptional cakes. In the final confrontation in the asylum, it is revealed that he has successfully 'repressed' the magic in several of his patients via brutal treatments, and has even partially lobotomized himself to remove his own abilities. He is killed when Gaston shoots him in the back during a confrontation with the villagers, who were told of his actions by the Beast and are disgusted that D'Arque would lock so many people away when any possible magic they possessed was relatively harmless.



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