Goan 1
Oui, ça va.
~ Monsieur Goan from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Monsieur Goan is a top-class chef from Nightmare Enterprises appearing in the episode "The Hot Shot Chef / A Spice Oddysey" of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.


Dedede orders the Demon Beast when he is sick and tired of eating the slop at his and Kawasaki's place. Goan's cooking is so tasty and affordable that the Cappies immediately come to his own restaurant that he built with help from King Dedede and Escargoon rather than Chef Kawasaki's to try out his grub. Later, a restaurant war between Kawasaki and Goan ensues using spiciness in their food. Goan then decides to end the fiery battles with "Kirby Sorbet", which hypnotizes the Cappies into wanting to eat Kirby. Ultimately, Goan transforms into a six-armed monster with a cooking appliance in each hand! Even Cook Kirby has problems with him and eventually gets the Cook ability knocked out of him. Goan traps the Star Warrior in an ice ball and is about to freeze Kirby into Kirby Sorbet, until Kawasaki tosses a plate of Toxic Atomic Curry to Kirby, which he then eats. The curry causes Kirby to have heartburn and blow fire all over the place, sending Goan flying through the ceiling and burning down his restaurant.

Physical Appearance and Abilities


Monsieur Goan's transformed form

Monsieur Goan looks like a potato dressed in a French chef's outfit, which has red and white stripes on it and comes complete with a light blue tie. He wears purple shoes, lavender gloves, as well as sunglasses, a toque, yellow eyebrows, and a yellow moustache.

When Goan transforms, he retains his striped French chef's outfit, toque, yellow moustache and eyebrows, and sunglasses, he just grows taller, gets rid of his tie, and grows two extra pairs of extendable arms. In each of his arms, there are six cooking utensils - a mixer, a spatula, a rolling pin, a shaker, a ladle, and a butcher knife. Sometimes, he'll also carry a spherical freezer that he can put anything in to freeze it into ice cream. Goan is also one of the few monsters to be able to talk - when he speaks, he actually speaks in a French language.


  • In the Japanese version, when Monsieur Goan first appears, he says his usual catchphrase, "Ca va", meaning "all right". King Dedede, not knowing what it means, replies with "Don't lie about your age!", as it sounds similar to "saba", meaning young.
    • Saba also means mackerel, as Dedede asks where it is in the dish that he presents him.
    • In the Japanese version, Monsieur Goan is destroyed by Kirby. In the American version, he is sent flying when the restaurant explodes.