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Stop where you are, intruder! I am the Elder Gods' Chosen Warrior. I have been sent to protect the Nexus from trespassers.
~ Monster confronting Shujinko.

Monster is a non-playable character and a minor antagonist in Mortal Kombat: Deception during the game's Konquest mode. Monster claims to be the champion of the Elder Gods and was sent to protect the Nexus from trespassers. He also uses Scorpion's fighting styles and moves.

He was voiced by Ed Boon.


After Shujinko obtain the second Kamidogu from the Netherrealm and placing it on the altar in the Nexus, Monster approaches him and claiming to be the true champion of the Elder Gods. Shujinko takes it as a offense since he been told by Damashi that he is the champion of the Elder Gods and Monster challenges Shujinko to fight.

After Shujinko defeats Monster, he ask Damashi who he is, and Damashi responds that he doesn't know. It is unknown what happen to Monster after that.


Not much is known about Monster's personality, but he seems to be loyal to the Elder Gods and protective as he is shown in the game and a powerful fighter, according to Damashi.


His appearance is similar to Scorpion since he was originally going to be an alternate costume for him.





  • Monster is playable via an Action Replay code, which, if activated, will make him replace Scorpion. He can also be playable through a cheat with a PSP emulator for Mortal Kombat: Unchained.
  • Monster was originally going to be an alternate costume for Scorpion. It was his rumored "knight" outfit. The developers felt that it didn't fit Scorpion, and that idea was scrapped.


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