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Monster 1, also known as The Cop, is the first guard encountered in the Karamari Hospital DLC for Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion.


The Cop is wearing a bloody police uniform, a black tie, and black shoes. His eyes are totally darkened out and a small nose. He appears to lack a mouth. He is most notable for his gigantic arms that are swollen up to the elbows.


Monster 1 appears as the first villainous entity of the Karamari Hospital. The player has to first re-search the hospital beforehand, unlocking the underneath dark-sadistic side of the hospital.

Once the player enters the underneath downside, the player gets multiple unlocked rooms, in which the player enters to seek bloody-beds and other disturbing imagery.

Eventually, the player will get to seek the first guard, Monster 1. The Monster is standing in front of the door to the stairway where the player must go to continue their quest in finishing the game.

At the start, the Monster will not move or react to the player, except block the player from using the door. After entering the side doors and re-entering the main hallway, as the player gets towards the monster, it would instantly start chasing after the player, dealing moderate damage, enough to kill the player in three hits. He will continue chasing the player until they enter the next doors to proceed in the game.

In New Game Plus, swinging the sword at him three times will make him vanish, never to spawn again after leaving the room and coming back.



  • Monster 1 is the only monster to not be included in Endless Mode.


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