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Monster 2, also known as The Mummy, is the second guard and a major antagonist from the Karamari Hospital from the 2015 infamous videogame Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion.


Monster 2 appears to be, as the title suggested, a mummy-like unzipped body bag with a corpse in it. Like Monster 1, the corpse has no facial expressions at all with black eyes and a missing mouth, while its skin appears to be sand-colored.


Karamari Hospital

Monster 2 makes its appearance when the player enters the morgue in search for the missing badge from the doctor's certificate in one of the offices.

The badge can be found on the table to the back. Once the player takes the badge, the body bags on the ground disappeared, and the player enters the next room in which (old or new) body bags are on tables. As the player is going forward, a large body bag in the center of the room stands up and starts chasing the player.

When being chased by Monster 2, the player has infinite stamina to escape Monster 2 until the player officially escapes. As Monster 2 is chasing, the player must escape a maze with fog appearing all around the player.

When the player exits, everything will become back to normal and Monster 2 will stop chasing and never appear again.

In New Game Plus, using the sword on Monster 2 will automatically end the chase.

Endless Mode

In the HD Renovation, Monster 2 can appear as an enemy in the Endless Mode. It is a much more dangerous threat compared to the Karamari Hospital, as it moves much faster and no longer grants the player infinite stamina. Its starting room is similar to the one in the hospital, although it is rather a random body bag to the side that activates once the player walks past it. When it attacks the player, it automatically warps back to the entrance of the room. During the chase, a fog overlay covers the player's screen.



  • Monster 2 is the only enemy in the game that enhances the player's stamina.


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