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Monster 3, also known as the Floating Baby, is the third guard from the Karamari Hospital DLC for the video game Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion and also appears in Endless Mode.


As the title suggests, Monster 3 appears to be a baby's head with closed eyes and a screaming face. While the baby's head appears to be locked up in some kind of a rust cage-box. As the baby is moving, its face sometimes alters into different imagery by itself.


Karamari Hospital

The monster is the third guard to be found in-game, but the first one in the basement rooms. It would appear randomly in different rooms. When it spawns, whines of the baby can be heard in the background. Monster 3 can easily float through walls, but it is very slow and is really easy to escape from. It disappears after Monster 4 is activated.

In New Game Plus, the sword can be used on Monster 3, causing it to disappear from the room.

Endless Mode

Monster 3 also appears in the Endless Mode of Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. In the mode, the Monster is much harder to escape from because it is much faster than before, making it much harder to escape from Monster 3. It appears at a random spot in the room and will warp away to a different location when hit by the axe or sword.



  • If Monster 4 is killed with the sword, Monster 3 will appear in its normal rooms again.
  • In Endless Mode, Monster 3's chase theme is the music from the hospital's basement. This was removed in the HD Renovation.


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