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Monster 5, also known as the Ghost Cow, is the fifth guard and main antagonist of the Karamari Hospital DLC for the video-game Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion and an encounterable enemy in the Endless Mode.

It was voiced by Roxy K.


Monster 5 appears to be a huge-bull creature without any hair. The creature's mouth appears to be very grinning wide mouth and little reddish eyes. Its legs appear to be bent down. Connecting to the creature's stomach is a huge lipped mouth with sharp teeth and a singular red eye pupil coming from it. From behind, it looks like the Monster 5 has some spider resembling body as well.


Karamari Hospital

Monster 5 appears as the final entity in which the player much escape its huge maze in the Isolation Room. It is not moving instead it would instantly teleport by itself towards the player. It has the ability to teleport very fast but cannot teleport through the walls.

When the player escapes its maze and grab the keys to the exit door, they will have completed the whole Karamari Hospital game.

Should the player die to Monster 5, a death screen shows a realistic brain with red coloring in the back. a Text appears that reads:

"Your fear allows me to enter your mind.
Your obligation allows me to control your hands.
Your reason allows me to break your eyes.
Your guilt allows me to loosen your neck.
Your expectation allows me to hide the truth.
Your tendencies have allowed me to make you"

Endless Mode

Monster 5 also appears in the Endless Mode in which it can teleport through walls and cause rapid visions towards the player, making it much difficult for the player to escape Monster 5 then before. The background of the rooms is replaced with metal bars, resembling the Isolation Zone maze. Monster's 5 chase theme also got replaced with a new one in the Endless Mode.

In the HD Renovation, hitting Monster 5 with the axe or sword causes it to teleport to the beginning of the room, reducing a room from its chase duration.




  • The words "fear", "obligation", "reason", "guilt", "expectation", and "tendencies" in Monster 5's death screen form the acronym "forget".
  • Monster 5 might be based on Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, more commonly known as the "mad cow disease".
  • Monster 5 is responsible for all the events in Karamari Hospital as it used it's powers to make the staff at the hospital commit cruel and sadistic actions with them not knowing what had happened after they break out of the trance they were in it is also possible the ghost is responsible for Monster 1's deformed appearance and reviving Monster 4 and Monster 2 so they can chase the player.


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