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Monster 7, also known as the Scare Chair, is the second secret-guard-monster from the Karamari Hospital DLC for the video game Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion.


Monster 7 appears to be a transparent humanoid with any physical attributes. It only appears when the player sits on a red chair in a room in the second hallway after the generator has been cut off.

As the protagonist sits on the red chair, various purple-pink visions would start hunting down the protagonist for about 10 minutes. When sitting, the player cannot move at any point, though the player can stop sitting on the chair anytime, if so the hallucinations would restart. The longer the player is sitting, the worst the hallucinations would become towards the player. Ambient music would slowly start playing and the room would start getting much darker. A blood trail appears coming from the door slowly stretching to the player. Once the trails get totally visible, the humanoid would appear smiling at the player. After 10 minutes passed, the player will forcefully get off the chair, and the Monster 7 would appear sitting on it.

Once Monster 7 appears, the player cannot sit on the chair again, although using the sword in New Game Plus will kill the humanoid. If the player murders the Monster 7 and sits back on the chair, the screen would start shaking rapidly with various of screams heard in the background, which ends in the player getting murdered. A note appears reading:

"You awake in a wasteland not meant for you.
The ground underneath you screams.
The sky above violently pulls you.
And the air around you presses down,
trying to worm its way in."



  • Some say that the Monster 7 sitting on the chair is actually the player's soul.


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