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The Monster Convict is a minor recurring antagonist in the adult animated tv show Superjail!.

He was voiced by the unaccredited Richard Steven Horvitz, who has also voiced Zim from "Invader Zim", Kaos in the Skylanders franchise, Sheshou in Mulan (1998 Version), Lugosi in Bunnicula, Crayon Boy in Codename: Kids Next Door, and Moxxie in Helluva Boss.


Cold Blooded

The Monster Convict is first seen when Jackknife is running away from Jailbot and he decides to try and hide in a shack in a field. In a brief amount of time, The Monster Convict manages to cut off Jackknife's face and turn it into a mask, then tie him up on his wall so he could dissect Jackknife later. However, Jailbot arrests The Monster Convict thinking that he was Jackknife due to his face mask and takes him to SuperJail, leaving Jackknife behind tied to the wall.

Immediately after arriving, all of the other prisoners and staff are absolutely terrified of The Monster Convict. When The Monster Convict goes to the cafeteria, everyone does their best to avoid him, except those stuck in the food line. When a lunch lady turns her back on him to get his food, he manages to effortlessly kill and mutilate at least eight other inmates, and then the lunch lady when she turns back around by impaling her in the head with a soup ladle.

Watching this all unfold on security cameras, The Warden of Super Jail is disgusted and insulted at how much fear and respect The Monster Convict has gotten in only one day after arriving while hardly any prisoners take him seriously at all. Jared tells the warden how he lived by himself next to a graveyard to eat and turn some of the bodies he stole into furniture such as lamps and a couch. The Warden then decides to send Jared undercover as a prisoner to spy on The Monster Convict.

As Jared searches his room, several newspaper clippings on the walls tell horrifying stories of the Monster Convict mutilating people, such as stealing a man's face while he was alive and then leaving him for dead, and killing whomever he comes across. When Jared is forced to go into the Monster Convict's room, he doesn't notice him sneaking up on him with a knife. Fortunately for Jared, he slips on a puddle of blood and accidentally stabs himself in the head, apparently dying.

His body is moved to Superjail's freezer, where Alice later tries having sex with his body, but freezes to death with him. Sometime after this, the Monster Convict managed to resurrect once again and presumably went right back to his usual habits of killing anyone he wants in the maximum security block and using their bodies to decorate his cell.

Superjail Grand Prix

The Monster Convict makes a cameo having somehow survived and/or resurrected. He takes part in the race with his own car, with a convict crucified to the front, though he's not seen again in the episode and it can be assumed he didn't win the race.


The Monster Convict makes his final cameo appearance in this episode. He's briefly shown inside of his cell which he's turned into what appears to be a living room of sorts while eating someone's arm with a sandwich, before a tornado crashes through and destroys everything in his cell, which was being controlled by The Warden's malfunctioning weather machine. After this, he's never seen or heard from again, and it's unknown if he was killed or not during the chaotic weather attacks caused by "Sunshine". However, even if he was killed once again, it's more than likely he would've eventually came back to life.


The Monster Convict has earned his nicknames for many reasons. For starters, he's one of the tallest inmates in all of Superjail, easily standing a good foot or two over most other inmates and staff. He's also one of the most physically strong, able to effortlessly rip fully grown men apart with his bare hands as if they were nothing but toys.

One of him most intimidating features is his entirely pitch black and soulless eyes. He's also noticeably balding when he's not wearing a mask made from someone else's face and he also has a cleft lip.


The Monster Convict is a completely emotionless and heartless murderer who effortlessly massacres everyone he comes across for entirely unknown reasons and likely no reason at all. Given all the stories told through newspapers and how violently his victims were killed, the Monster Convict is incredibly sadistic and cruel, seemingly wanting to be as violent as possible, even more so than most other Superjail inmates to the point of horrifying even them. One major thing that separates him from all the other inmates, is the fact that he's the only inmate in the entire prison who's been shown to be a cannibal.

Even after being arrested and sent to Superjail, the Monster Convict didn't appear angry or even seem annoyed from being taken from his home. It could be theorized that the only things the Monster Convict cares for is fulfilling his bloodthirsty fantasies and surviving day to day, since after he was sent to the maximum security block in Superjail, he wasted no time in continuing his reign of terror by killing anyone he came across and decorating his own cell with their corpses.

Known Victims

Cold Blooded

  • Three Civilians - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, severed heads shown on his bookshelf.
  • Six Civilians - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, severed heads on the mantle above his fireplace.
  • Male Civilian - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, skin hanging on the ceiling.
  • Female Civilian - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, skin hanging on the ceiling.
  • Three Civilians - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, severed heads on his workshop.
  • Seven Civilians - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, severed faces on his trophy display.
  • Eight Superjail Inmates - Mauled off-screen by the Monster Convict, bodies shown.
  • Superjail Lunch Lady - Impaled through the head with a soup ladle by the Monster Convict.
  • Three Civilians - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, shown inside of a coffin, picture shown.
  • Male Civilian - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, disemboweled over a pit, picture shown.
  • Ten Civilians - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, severed heads in his freezer, picture shown.
  • Male Civilian - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, decapitated, partially skinned, and disemboweled, picture shown.
  • Male Civilian - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, eyes pulled out, face skinned off, and hanging by hooks, picture shown.
  • Twelve Civilians - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, faces on his self-made couch, picture shown.
  • Civilian - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, face skinned off for his lamp, picture shown.
  • Civilian - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, body used for his ottoman, picture shown.
  • Four Superjail Inmates - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, skulls shown on spikes, body shown.
  • Two Superjail Inmates - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, nailed to walls and disemboweled, body shown.
  • Superjail Inmate - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, face skinned and arms chopped off, body shown.
  • Superjail Inmate - Killed off-screen by the Monster Convict, stabbed with several pieces of metal in his back, lower jaw ripped off, and head smashed open, body shown.
  • Two Superjail Inmates - Died off-screen from unknown causes, skulls shown outside Monster Convict's cell. 
  • 27 Superjail Inmates - Mutilated off-screen by the Monster Convict, bodies/body parts shown.
    • Total - 97

Superjail Grand Prix

  • Superjail Inmate - Crucified to the hood of the Monster Convict's car.
  • 14 Superjail Inmates - Murdered off-screen by the Monster Convict, skulls shown decorating his car.
    • Total - 15


  • 11 Superjail Inmates - Murdered off-screen by the Monster Convict, body parts shown decorating his cell.
    • Total - 11


  • 123 People
    • 71 Superjail Inmates
    • 52 Civilians
    • 1 Superjail Staff



  • The Monster Convict is a clear reference to real life serial killer Ed Gein, who also made furniture out of human body parts.
  • The Monster Convict making masks out of human faces is a reference to another fictional cannibalistic and psychotic serial killer, Leatherface.
  • Several newspapers in his home and his cell imply that The Monster Convict has died many times before and yet he still somehow keeps appearing out of nowhere, much like many other fictional serial killers that resurrect after seemingly dying, such as Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.
  • The Monster Convict's cell is #403, revealed during the episode "Superstorm!".

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