The Monster League are a club of psychic students at Amanogawa High School that believe themselves to be superior to normal humans and major antagonists in Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum.


The Monster League's origins began when, five years ago, the four members of the Monster League, Saburo Kazeta, Rumi Komaki, Daita Kondou and Chikao Nezu, were used as Gates the Akumaizer Xatan.

The members of the Monster League took part in a smuggling operation masterminded by Kageto Banba. Ryusei Sakuta was sent to foil the operation but was overwhelmed by the psychic powers of the Monster League. However, he was saved when Inga Blink ambushed the group.

The Monster League attempted to take over the world by completing the Zeebar and using it to destroy all the space pods. However, they turned against this plan after Saburo realized his inner "hero" and rebelled against Kageto Banba after he kidnapped Miyoko.

After turning good, the club continued to exist at Amanogawa High School but was renamed the Shounen League.


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