Monster T was a minor antagonist in the 2016 successful superhero DC film Suicide Squad, the third installment of DC Extended Universe. He was a crime boss based in Gotham City and a business partner of The Joker.

He was portrayed by singer and actor Common, who also played Cassian in John Wick: Chapter 2Stonekeeper in Smallfoot, and Kiburi in Disney's The Lion Guard.


At some point unknown after getting sprung free out of the Arkham Asylum institute, The Joker meets with Monster T himself, a business partner of his and a crime boss at Gotham, on the Joker's lavish strip club, T visits him one evening and is really greeted by Mr. J, but though the latter refuses to shake hands with him, T welcomes him back for his return to Gotham's crime world after his escape. However, Monster T notices on Harley Quinn, the Joker's lover and girlfriend whose dancing in the club before people with an unknown another dancer. He promptly makes remarks on her by calling her a "bad bitch" and stares at her with a lustful desire, which greatly displeases the Joker.

But, J hides it and proceeds to bring Harley over, which intimidates Monster T, and that thing leads him into somehow feeling uncomfortable by suggesting he sleeps with Harley. T, having picked up on the Joker's wrathful sarcasm, attempts to assure The Joker that Harley is the latter's girl and belongs only for him and claims he does not want "no beef". However, the Joker sees it as mere pleading and then the clown shoots and ultimately kills T.


T is a tall and muscular man with lots of tattoos upon his body, having a little black beard on his mouth and cheer and two earings and one nose ring.


Monster T, besides of the Joker or any other violent or ruthless crime boss on Gotham had a very comfortable profile and wasn't violent, ruthless or even psychotic at all, but he seems to have a very calm sense of making negotiations and business.




  • Monster T is believed to be a "classic character" that was created for the film and believed to not having an appearance at the universes of DC Comics comic books, but, however, before and after the film's release, many audiences and fans believed that T is actually the cinematic incarnation of the infamous villain Tattooed Man, because of T appears to be lots of tattoos on his body.
  • In the novelization of Suicide Squad, Monster T kills himself rather than being killed by the Joker.


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