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Monsters, also known as Demons, are evil and hostile creatures intending on conquering human realms, only to be thwarted by a nameless marine soldier, namely Doomguy. They are the main antagonists of the video game franchise Doom. The monsters can be classified into two groups: Undead, former humans possessed by demonic forces, and the genuine demonic monsters (or hellspawns) originating in hell or arriving from there.

Contrary to common beliefs, the Monsters possess extremely advanced and sophisticated technologies and utilize these advanced knowledge, combining with their own unholy magics and sorceries to have immense advantages over humanity. Monsters with high powers and magic skills usually do not resort to mechanical modification whereas monsters with lower attributes in general equip themselves with mechanical modification. (although low ranking monsters' powers are still superior to regular humans)


Dark Lord

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These demonic animals are unnamed by those in Hell. They were colloquially names Pinkies, due to their unusual skin pigmentation, when first discovered by the Lazarus Project's Tethering Operation (MTC 2146/351). Their aggressive nature against the living is well documented.
~ A UAC Report File on the Pinkies.


Great. Just what you needed. An invisible (nearly) monster. And in the PlayStation, Saturn and Doom 64 manual adds, these beasts will eat your face off, did you expect a walk in the park?
~ The Doom and Doom II manuals on the Spectre.


You thought an imp was a cute little dude in a red suit with a pitch fork. Where did these bastards come from? They heaveo' fire down your throat and take several bullets to die. It's time to find a weapon better than that pistol if your going to face more than one of the S.O.B.s.
~ The Doom manual on the Imp.

Lost Souls

Dumb. Tough. Flies. On fire. 'Nuff said.
~ The Doom manual on the Lost Souls.


They float in the air, belch ball-lightning, and boast one Hell of a big mouth. You're toast if you get too close to these monstrosities.
~ The Doom II manual's description of the Cacodemon.

Pain Elementals

What a name. And what a guy. Killing him is almost as bad as letting him live.
~ he Doom II manual's description of the Pain Elemental.


Maybe cybernetics wasn't such a great idea after all. Look what the demons have done with it. It seems unfair somehow you're not the only guy in Hell with a plasma gun.
~ The Doom II manual's description of the Aracnotron.


Apparently when a demon dies, they pick him up, dust him off, wire him some combat gear, and send him back into battle. No rest for the wicked, eh? You wish your missiles did what his can do.
~ The Doom II manual's description of the Revenant.


The only good thing about fatso is that he's a nice wide target. Good thing, because it takes a lot of hits to puncture him. He pumps out fireballs like there was no tomorrow.
~ The Doom II manual's description of the Mancubus.

The Mancubus are a type of demon encountered in the Doom series. They are large, almost overweight looking demons normally equipped with heavy weapons.

Hell Knights

Specimen 31 - Hellknight. The cranial mass of this bipedal specimen indicates that it is one of the largest creatures inhabiting the site. Overpowering its prey with sheer might, the Hell Knight is one of the most ferocious predators known to our researchers. Like the Imp, this creature is able to defend itself at long-range with thrown plasma projectiles.
~ The UAC's research notes in Doom 3 on the Hell Knight.

Barons of Hell

Barons of Hell are recurring monsters in the Doom series. Described as high ranking demons, they rarely leave Hell and are more bloodthirsty than other demons. They share a similar appearance to the Hell Knights in the classic games.


One of the worst of a bad lot. You can't think of enough rotten things to say about him. He's fast, hard to kill, casts spells, and resurrects dead monsters! At least these suckers are rare.
~ The Doom II manual's description of the Arch-Vile.


The Summoner, a cunning adversary, is primarily a defensive summoning unit. As the demon-horde swarms the enemy, the Summoner sustains the battle by opening a rift to Hell and calling forth reinforcements. To prevent being overrun by the relentless horde, the Summoner should become a primary target in any battle strategy. When directly challenged in combat, the Summoner is capable of channelling Hell energy into an Argent wave. Although this wave kills most humans, an occasional victim will be transformed into The Possessed.
~ An UAC Report File from Doom 3 on the Summoner.









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Hell Razers

Recent dissection of a captured Hell Razer has revealed a remarkable embryogenesis. Between the third and eight week of development, a parasitic Hell Razer will seek out a suitable host to cremate from whithin. As the Hell Razer matures, the host's arm ossifies into a beam weapon. Simultaneously, the pyrolized host becomes capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures generated during the repeated accumulation of Hell energy. The Hell Razer has not yet been observed outside of Hell and further investigation is planned for the next Tethering Operation.
~ An UAC Report File on the Hell Razer.

Hell Guards

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Dread Knights


Maykr Drones

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Doom Hunters

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Spider Mastermind

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Icon of Sin

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Mother Demon

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Hell Hunters

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Guardian of Hell & Seekers

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Khan Maykr

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Sorta like a shaved gorilla, except with horns, a big head, lots of teeth, and harder to kill. Don't get too close or they'll rip your fraggin' head off.
~ The Doom manual description of the Pinkies.
This humanoid's long and muscular limbs make it extremely agile as a biped or quadruped. Its long and sharp claws allow for climbing steep surfaces. A configuration of 10 eyes provides this creature with a wide field of vision and the ability to see with clarity in low-light environments.
~ UAC research notes from Doom 3 on the Imp.
Imps, ferocious and agile demons, are found all over Hell and are often used in the front line during concerted attacks in either dimension. They revel in battle, feeding off their victims, when the hunger takes them.
~ UAC research notes from Doom (2016) on the Imps.
When a Cacodemon senses the presence of the living, it will hunt them relentlessly until it gets close enough to gnaw on them using an impressive set of mandibles. To aid the hunt, the Cacodemon has a psychoactive narcotic bile which it spews at range. On contact, this bile inhibits the perception of the target and compromises movement. The effects wear off after a few moments, which is often enough time for the lumbering beast to get within bite range.
~ An UAC Report File on the Cacodemon.
Specimen 218 - Revenant. This creature's endoskeleton is visible through a translucent non-solid skin. Despite the absence of any visible muscles, this creature is able to strike at close-range targets with enormous strength. Two shoulder-mounted cannons controlled by its nervous system allow this creature to fire guided rocket-propelled missiles.
~ The UAC's research notes on the Revenant.
Mancubi have taken their disgusting physical condition and turned it into a weapon. As they reach maturity, a chitinous growth begins to form over each hand, creating a hard sheltered "barrel". As the flesh inside decomposes, a noxious effluvium begins to leak from the barrel. The Mancubus can spew this discharge from the barrel over a remarkable distance. The volitale goo ignites under the tremendous pressure, creating a highly effective biomechanical flamethrower.
~ An UAC Report File on the Mancbus.
The Cybernetic Mancubus differs from its naturally occurring brethren in several ways. The chitinous growth on each arm has been replaced with a UAC developed rifling barrel, which allows the Mancubus to fire its bile at much greater distances. The resulting ejection however, does not ignite. The bile is still highly toxic, and will quickly poison any organic creature it hits. Their behavior has also been modified to make them favor a longer engagement distance to compliment their long range bio-sniping weapon. While attempts have been made to provide better fitting armor to these cybernetic monsters, they invariably outgrow their uniform within a few weeks.
~ An UAC Report File on the Cyber Mancbus.
Slightly easier to kill than our friend the Baron, but appear in larger numbers.
~ The Doom manual's description of the Hell Knight.
Tablets, retrieved from the Great Steppe in the UAC Automated Survey of 2143, suggest that Hell Knights originally flanked the Great Serpent during the first age. After their master was defeated by the Guardian the Hell Knights were placed in the arenas of Hell, where they would feed on any victims thrown to them by the Demon overlords as sport. It is now believed that they guard the most sacred and important relics in the netherworld.
~ An UAC Report File on the Hell Knight.
Tough as a dump truck and nearly as big. These Goliaths are the worst things on two legs since Tyrannosaurus Rex.
~ The Doom manual on the Baron of Hell.
The Baron of Hell is the highest demon among the order of the Hell Knights. They rarely leave Hell, and no Baron of Hell has yet been captured by any of the Tethering Operations. Details regarding their behavior and physiology are therefore limited.
~ An UAC Report File on the Baron of Hell.
The Lazarus Project has managed to successfully capture several Summoner demons. The imprisonment process requires careful preparation, as a Summoner will immediately launch multiple Argent wave attacks when trapped. To prevent this, Hell energy must be continuously drained from the demon until it is sufficiently sedated. Anatomical study of the Summoner suggests that it is a highly evolved sub-genus of the Imp form.
~ AN UAC Report File from Doom (2016) on the Summoner.
The borderlands between Titan's Realm and the Great Steppe is home to one of the most ferocious demons yet found - the (biomech) Hell Guard. While there has been no direct human contact with the beast it was discovered by Scout-Bots during the second Project Lazarus Tethering Operation
~ The UAC's research notes on the Hell Guard.
Confronting this demon signaled the end of the expedition, but the Scout-Bots did manage to send data to the relay beacons before they were destroyed. A detailed study of the few video frames that were captured before the equipment was destroyed revealed that the Hell Guard is actually a parasite housed within a bone and keratin exoskeleton. The parasite, imbued with enormous quantities of Hell energy, provides power to the Hell Guards and controls its actions entirely. Before entering the exoskeleton, the Hell Guard exoskeleton is a lifeless husk. Attempts to retrieve the parasite alone has proved fruitless as the uncoupled demon is too weak to survive passage between dimensions. Once coupled however, the demon presents a daunting and relentless enemy.
~ The UAC's research notes on the Hell Guard.


  • The Imp from Doom does not resemble the imps in folklore of old despite the similarity of their names.
  • Vagary was conceived with "Sexy + Gross = Creepy".
  • In Doom 3, Cacodemon were going to to spit Lost Souls, like the Pain Elemental in Doom 2.
  • In Doom (2016) Wraith is a completely different species and they are not monsters of hell.
  • Oddly, the Spectre does not appear in the Doom II cast sequence at the end of the game.
  • The Imp's design in Doom 3 is heavily influenced by their design in the Doom movie.


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