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And here comes this year's Evil Inventions! What a menagerie of mayhem-loving monstrosities! Take a good look, world, any of these could be coming for you!
~ Carl Cristall

The Monsters, also known as the Evil Inventions, were minor antagonists in the 2008 rendered 3D film Igor by MGM.

The vocal sound effects of the Robo-Teddy Bear and the Plant Dragon were provided by Frank Welker.


As the Evil Science Fair commences, the evil inventions are released by the competing scientists. The last evil invention that Dr. Schadenfreude released was Eva. The audience laughs at this and Schadenfreude, but he ignores it. As the monsters begin to fight each other, Eva begins singing Annie's main song "Tomorrow". Eva sings this in a loud voice as she succeeds by effortlessly destroying all of the inventions without a single scratch on her. With Dr. Schadenfreude having won, he walks up towards King Malbert and insults the king.


  • Robo-Teddy Bear: A black robotic teddy bear with blue eyes and glowing paws.
  • Plant Dragon: A plant-like dragon with a poisonous green breath.
  • Blob: A round green bouncy blob.
  • Electrowatt: A floating electric subject similar to a light bulb.
  • AMP: An electric worm.
  • Megawatt: A robotic pink masked subject that looks like a skull with six electric legs.
  • Robo-Griffin: A flying black robotic griffin with red eyes and propelled motors.
  • Eva: A giant monster that resembles a hideous human woman. She is the only living evil invention, and behaves and sings like Annie. She is the strongest of the monsters. Before she was a mindless killing machine, Eva was a sweet, gentle and feminine monster who only wanted to be loved and actress. She is the only monster who speaks and sings.



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