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The Monsters are the collective term for the beasts found in the Capcom video game series Monster Hunter, serving as the main antagonistic force throughout the entire series.

As a group of hundreds of species, Monsters wildly vary in nature and power, and generally live alongside the humans of the setting. However, most are generally hostile and easily provoked, and, whether it be for sport, material, or defend something, select humans called Monster Hunters go against these beasts to hunt or capture them. Most Hunters are employed under the Guild. Monsters are usually akin to dragons, prehistoric beasts, or real animals.

Although none of the Monsters is truly villainous (with exceptions such as Fatalis and potentially Dire Miralis), there have been multiple Monsters who have served an antagonistic role at one point or another. Due to this, only Monsters with a clearly and well-established villainous role will be listed.

Notable Antagonistic Monsters

  • Fatalis: One of the black dragons and the god of all monsters, Fatalis is considered to be one of the most powerful monsters in the series and the only one considered truly evil. Despising all humans and other monsters, they have caused destruction on a massive scale and has slaughtered numerous civilizations, most notably Castle Schrade. He was introduced in the original Monster Hunter and is also the overall main antagonist of the entire series.
  • Glavenus: Arguably the central antagonist of Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Glavenus is a Brute Wyvern with a scaly dragon-like appearance. His body has a natural sword like tail, and has the ability to breath fire projectiles from his mouth. He can also sharpen his tail using his mouth, increasing the damage done by the sharp tail. Glavenus is one of the Fated Four and is in-game always male.
  • Gammoth: A colossal mammoth-like Fanged Beast and the one of the four flagship monsters of Monster Hunter Generations. As she is always female in-game, Gammoth is the only female of the Fated Four and is the first female flagship monster.
  • Mizutsune: A specially evolved Leviathan and one of the four flagship monsters of Monster Hunter Generations. He uses bubbles to make his attackers have a hard time fighting him. He is one of the Fated Four and is in-game always male.
  • Astalos: A green-colored, electricity-laced Flying Wyvern and one of the four flagship monsters of Monster Hunter Generations. He is one of the Fated Four and is in-game always male.
  • Lagiacrus: A Leviathan found in the third generation of Monster Hunter. One specific specimen serves as the central antagonist for much of the main campaign of Monster Hunter 3 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and its subspecies as a major antagonist in the next game.
  • Ceadeus: A massive, whale-like Elder Dragon who serves as the main antagonist of Monster Hunter 3/Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.
  • Nakarkos: A massive cephalopodic Elder Dragon, clad in bones. Well known for their insane appetite, destructive power, and intelligence. Serves as the main antagonist in Monster Hunter Generations, and returns in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate as an optional G-rank fight.
  • Deviljho: A nomadic, hyper-aggressive Brute Wyvern notable for its voracious and unending appetite.
  • Zinogre: An electricity-laced, wolf-like Fanged Wyvern who serves as the flagship monster and the central antagonist of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.
  • Amatsu: An elegant looking Elder Dragon who serves as the main antagonist of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.
  • Brachydios: The flagship monster and the central antagonist of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.
  • Dire Miralis: An Elder Dragon with the attributes of a volcano who serves as final boss of the G-Rank campaign in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.
  • Gore Magala: An unevolved Elder Dragon who serves as the main antagonist and the flagship monster of the main campaign of Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.
  • Seregios: A pine cone-esque Flying Wyvern and the flagship monster of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate where it is the central antagonist of the expansion's campaign
  • Nergigante: A powerful Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter World as the secondary antagonist and the flagship monster who hunts and devours other Elder Dragons.
  • Xeno'jiiva: A mysterious Elder Dragon that is revealed to be the source of all Elder Dragon migrations, and the main antagonist of Monster Hunter World. It is revealed in Iceborne that it is actually the younger form of another Elder Dragon, Safi'jiiva.
  • Velkhana: An Elder Dragon with control over ice and the flagship monster and the secondary antagonist of Monster Hunder World: Iceborne's main story. It was presumed responsible for the Legiana migration and traveled between the Hoarfrost Reach and the New World to freeze other monsters to death and ravage Seliana.
  • Shara Ishvalda: A powerful, eldritch Elder Dragon and Monster Hunter Iceborne's main antagonist and final boss. Its song effected monsters across the world and it has the ability to control the earth itself.
  • Magnamalo: A tiger-like Fanged Wyvern who serves as the flagship monster and the central antagonist of Monster Hunter Rise.
  • Wind Serpent Ibushi and Thunder Serpent Narwa: A pair of eldritch, serpent-like Elder Dragons with the power to control wind and thunder respectively, and the two main antagonists of Monster Hunter Rise. They are revealed to be mates, with Ibushi serving as the "king" and Narwa serving as the "queen". The two possess the power of telepathy, and it is revealed that the Rampage threatening Kamura Village is actually the monsters living in the area fleeing in terror from the serpents. They are arguably the first truly evil monsters in the series since Fatalis, as their goal is to wipe out all other life on the planet so that their offspring may flourish. They are also the first monsters in the series (not including Lynians) to speak, albeit only by using their telepathic abilities on Wyverians. In the final battle, Ibushi is defeated by the hunters once again and flees to reunite with Narwa in their den underneath the Coral Palace, only for Narwa to suddenly kill him and absorb his energy, transforming into Narwa the Allmother.
  • Oltura: Referred to as the Wings of Ruin or the Exalted One, it is the main antagonist and final boss of Monster Hunter Stories 2. It initially starts out as a ginormous three-headed worm monster, but after devouring Guardian Ratha it evolves into it's true form, a celestial six winged elder dragon. Being the one responsible for the Rage-Rays that causes monsters to go berserk, it seeks nothing more than the complete and utter destruction of all life on Earth.

Types of Monsters

  • Lynian: Humanoid Monsters, who appear much more intelligent than their beastly kin and are capable of speech. The only known Monsters of this family are the Felynes/Melynxes and the Shakalakas.
  • Herbivores: Herbivorous Monsters of usually peaceful nature, although they are vicious if provoked. Notable Herbivores are the Aptonoth and the Kelbi.
  • Neopteron: Insectoids who differ from the similar Carapaceons by being able to fly. Notable Neopterons are the Vespoids and their queen, and the Seltas.
  • Carapaceons: Crustaceon Monsters who differ from Neopterons by their more prominent carapaces and lack of wings. Notable Carapaceons are the Daimyo Hermitaur and the Shogun Ceanataur.
  • Flying Wyverns: The most common breed of Monsters, Flying Wyverns are dragons under the Wyvern family who are usually capable of flight or otherwise have wings. The most notable of these Monsters are the Rathalos and Rathian.
  • Piscine Wyverns: Wyverns that are usually distinguished by their fish-like qualities. Notable Piscines are the Plesioth and the Cephadrome.
  • Leviathan: Monsters defined by their aquatic traits. Notable Leviathans include Lagiacrus, Gobul, and the Nibelsnarf.
  • Pelagus: One of the more common breeds of Monsters, the Pelagus are known by their mammalian qualities. They have a subfamily of Monsters called Fanged Beasts. Notable Pelagus are the Arzuros, Congalala, and the Blangonga.
  • Bird Wyvern: Wyverns that, true to their name, are usually distinguished by bird-like or otherwise theropodian qualities. The most notable Bird Wyverns are the Dromes (including the "Great" Bird Wyverns of the third generation onwards) and the Yian Kut-Ku.
  • Temnoceran: A new breed of Monster that seems to be signified by arachnid-like qualities. The only Monster in this group is the Nerscylla and its subspecies.
  • Amphibian: Amphibian Monsters who can dwell both inside water and outside. The only Monsters in this grouping are the Zamtrios and the Zamites, the Tetsucabra, and their respective subspecies.
  • Fanged Wyvern: A newly discovered class of Monster apparently signified by more mammalian qualities without breaching into the Pelagus grouping. Zinogre, its subspecies, and its deviant were the original Fanged Wyverns, but world introduced more of these monsters like Great Jagras, Great Girros, Tobi-Kadachi, and Odogaron.
  • Snake Wyverns: Serpentine Wyverns distinguished by their snake-like qualities. Currently, the only Monsters found in this category are the Remobras and the Najarala and its subspecies.
  • Brute Wyverns: Bipedal, terrestial Wyverns usually qualified by their brutish, physical nature and their dinosaurian qualities. Notable Brute Wyverns are the Brachydios and the Deviljho.
  • Elder Dragon: The most powerful kind of Monsters. These creatures vary wildly in power and form, and never generally fit into any of the other groupings, but the one thing consistent about them is their power. Notable Elder Dragons are the Fatalis brethern, Kushala Daora, Ceadeus, and the Alatreon. In World, the Behemoth from Final Fantasy XV was added and it was classified as an Elder Dragon.
  • Relict: Relicts were introduced to World during a crossover event with the Witcher 3 and are monsters that are humanoid in shape and are made of plant matter. The only two known Relicts are Leshen and Ancient Leshen.


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