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Monsters are the main antagonists of the Sweet Home webtoon manhwa and Netflix TV series (along with a group of Variants within it's prequel Shotgun Boy.) They are former humans who gave into their desires.


Monsters in their early stages show humanoid features, with varying degrees of abnormality.

Once they evolve, they show much less human features. They are usually gigantic in size.

Powers and Abilities

Each monster has a unique set of traits and abilities related to the desires of the human it was made from. For example, the Slime Monster was based off a young child's desire to not be seen. Most monsters repeatedly utter phrases related to their desires, but they can respond to things around them, such as Steroid Monster remembering Hyun's weapon. Nearly all monsters are driven by cannibalistic tendencies and very sensitive to sound. They will attack any non-infected human on sight. They usually do not attack other monsters except for specific circumstances (Steroid attacking Blind because Blind hurt Steroid). Monsters will also stop eating humans if they see any visible signs of infection. However, they will continue to attack if the infected human is known to be hostile to monsters. Monsters also do not die as easily as humans do. They can recover from most injuries and organ damage from the neck down. While the skull can be fractured, if any part of it is destroyed completely, it will not regenerate. It is possible to kill a monster through severly mutilating and destroying its body, but a monsters' innate durability and regenerative qualities make this very difficult to do. The easiest way to completely kill a monster is through incineration. However, some monsters are smart enough and have enough pain tolerance to find a way to put out the fire before it is fatal.

The monsters exert a signal-jamming presence. This makes wireless internet and telephones unusable. However, if someone has wired internet, they are still fine. While cell phones cannot be used for normal functions, they will start beeping as a monster gets close. The closer/greater the number of nearby monsters, the more frequent the beeps. This will enable humans to hide and avoid monsters. Sleeping monsters, however, do not get detected. In other words, a visible monster without any phone beeping can be, assuming the phone has power and could have beeped, cautiously and safely avoided or killed without a fight so long as the human does not make a sound. The monsters also appear to have a very acidic, corrosive spit they can launch as a projectile. It can easily burn flesh. While only few monsters have been observed using it, it can be assumed that all monsters have this property as different types of monsters have used it, regardless of its desire.


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