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Monstro is the titular main antagonist of the B-movie homage splatter film "Monstro!" and is a modern example of a giant monster in the style of those in older media - with updated gore akin to those found in exploitation films.

Monstro itself is a gargantuan beast that resembles a mix of many different sea-monsters, most notably the Kraken, Hydra and Cthulhu. Being a gigantic cyclopean squid with hundreds of tentacles equipped with tiny but powerful jaws and a gaping main jaw within its body that had an extendable and prehensile tongue.

Like most monsters Monstro was animalistic and thus driven mainly by instinct rather than malice but was said to be able to detect sound and movement, making it angry and homicidal. For this reason many in the area surrounding Monstro's territory would stay out of the water to avoid awakening the beast.

Upon being awoken however Monstro displayed a near relentless violence and not only ate victims but viciously dismembered and mutilated them, leaving gruesome signs of its arrival in the form of body parts across the beach.

Monstro, due to its immense size and strength it was a very difficult opponent. Even at the end of the film the monster is said to be alive, albeit badly injured after a bloody climax battle in which it tried to devour the main protagonist(s) (two of whom were villains in their own right, being part of a trio of female serial-killers).

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