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Monstro is a supporting antagonist of the haunted maze attraction Pinocchio Unstrung at Knotts Scary Farm, the annual Halloween overlay for Knotts Berry Farm amusement park, which is loosely based on the 1883 book The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. In this version, instead of being a dangerous whale, it is a colossal anglerfish.



Monstro was first encountered by Pinocchio during his adventures, where it swallowed up the puppet and his creator/father, Geppetto. After the two escaped, Pinocchio was denied his wish to become a real boy, and went insane as a result. Twenty years later, Pinocchio began a violent killing spree, murdering Geppetto, Stromboli, and the others he had met on his adventure. Some people Pinocchio threw to Monstro, who devoured them.


Monstro is encountered towards the end of the attraction, where it swallows guests into its stomach. As guests traverse its innards, they come across the corpses of Monstro's past victims, and are confronted by Pinocchio's crazy puppets. The puppets and other creatures within Monstro's stomach attack, but guests can elude them. Soon guests will find the Blue Fairy, who had her wings hacked off by Pinocchio, and was tortured for many years before eventually being thrown to Monstro, who ate her alive. She begs for help, and warns guests that Pinocchio is waiting. Upon escaping from Monstro, guests are attacked by Pinocchio, who they escape from, making their way towards the end of the attraction and Pinocchio's final scare.


Monstro is an enormous green and grey anglerfish, with rows of sharp fangs and teeth. It's stomach is green and black, and filled with coral, algae, barnacles, plants, parts of boats, and fish and human corpses. It also has a long green antenna with a bright yellow lure on its head and yellow eyes.





  • Monstro and the attraction were designed by Daniel Miller, who also created the Tooth Fairy.


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